Test Case Templates

Download these 20+ Free Test Case Templates to guide you in preparing your own Test Case document.

Basically Test Case is a document containing set of conditions, statistics and variables that are used to determine the quality and perfection of any software, application, system and network. It is executable test that is used to examine all inputs and outputs combined to make a good software and application.

Writing test case is very skillful activity and this task is done under software testing life cycle (STLC). Professional testers are hired to create test case for the required software and application. Writing effective test case is very tricky part of job and individuals having sound experience in this field can do this in the right way.

Test Case Format Guidelines

Before discussing the way to write an effective test case, I would like to share information about contents of an effective test case. They include:

  • Test case Id
  • Testing Module
  • Assumptions
  • Test data
  • Test steps
  • Expected results
  • Results
  • Comments

Now lets share some useful tips for writing an effective test case. First of all, you should select the right medium for writing test case in the best way. Using excel sheet is perfect for this purpose. Otherwise you can select from variety of case management tools easily available. They may include Quality Center, Test Director and Test Link as well. These tools are very supportive to excel in writing a test case in the right way.

After selecting the medium for writing test case, you should continue with identifying the scope and testing purpose as well. In other words, you must be aware of requirements of a software and application for which you are going to write test case.

You must have understanding about functional requirement of test case you are going to write. You may need to change the requirements of test case at that time.

Implementation of functional activities is important part of writing test case. One shall consider both negative as well as positive results as a potential outcome. You must consider normal and abnormal conditions while implementing activities and steps in functional area of test case.

You should not rely on just a single functional activity for test case. Implement multiple activities to test case for considering the best results in different situations.

Usability aspect of test case is very important part to be considered when you are writing test case for any software or application. Color, style, design and other cover features are very important in this regard and a test writer must focus on these elements.

Free Test Case Templates

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Here are some other points that you can put in making a test case more effective and useful. They include:

  • Identifying non-functional requirements of software
  • Preparing best framework for test case
  • Becoming familiar with software modules
  • Making structures of test case

All these elements can make a test case more effective for any software and application. Writing test case is no doubt a difficult part of job but can be done easily by following the tips given above.