Thanksgiving Party Menu Template

As the name of the title suggests, thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks to God for everything. Thanksgiving is a day celebrated by Americans by arranging family get together to enjoy a fine meal. The whole menu of Thanksgiving Day usually revolves around turkey. Stuffed turkey, roasted, grilled and vegetable turkey is some of the variations of how turkey can be consumed on Thanksgiving Day. There is a long history associated with Thanksgiving Day celebrated now by Americans. Initially people used to be thankful at this day for the good harvest of the year. But now it has become more of a tradition, rather than thanking god for the harvest. So people have been following this tradition from a very long time. Turkey is the main dish of this occasion. People consume it in variety of ways. Some essential food items of thanksgiving menu are:

  • Turkey
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Yams
  • Pumpkin pie

Every dining table at every home on Thanksgiving Day is stuffed with these essential food items. Everyone adopts a unique style while cooking these items but the ingredients remain the same. There are number of ways for preparing turkey. Its meat has a unique flavor which can be combined with nuts and onion and other simple ingredients for enhancing. If it is combined with strong spices and stuffed with number of ingredients, its flavor will be diminished. So a good recipe always calls for less ingredients and more technique. Technique for preparing turkey can be gained with experience, whereas online recipes can be used to explore the secret flavors of turkey. Many people like turkey smothered in gravy but many others also like it being stuffed with onion, nuts and green chilies. So preferences can vary from person to person, but the essential ingredients remain the same.

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Thanksgiving Party Menu Template

As people are more aware of their health now than before so healthy ingredients are incorporated to make the most out of it. Traditional dishes in the menu can be replaced with more healthy ones like:

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Wild rice mushroom soup
  • Apple salad with figs and almonds
  • Salad greens with pears, fennel and walnuts
  • Herb-rubbed turkey
  • Roasted turkey with balsamic sauce
  • Glazed turkey breast with fruit stuffing
  • Low-fat turkey gravy
  • Stuffing with cranberries
  • Wild rice stuffing

These are some of the healthy alternatives to usual traditional options available on the menu every year. Other options can also be explored from online sources. Plenty of ideas are available online that can be used to make something different and add in the menu. Chefs from five star hotels share their experiences and different signature dishes that have the potential to replace the old menu. If you are not diet conscious then number of options is even more. Many people prepare their own menus and dishes at home for thanksgiving. But the number of those who order readymade food from restaurants is also quite a lot. This not only includes a savory turkey dish but also a pumpkin pie. So many people rely on restaurant prepared thanksgiving menu for this special day.

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