Tourist Brochure Template

Many people referred to the brochures as another form of flyers but you need to understand that brochures may look like a flyer but they are completely different in many ways. For example, a flyer is cheap to print and distribute but brochures are expensive to print. Flyers are usually used for only one time as people can read the information and throw them away but brochures are meant to be kept for a long time and people referred to the information for more than one time. Also it is really complicated to print a brochure because each brochure includes a single sheet of paper that is folded into many pages which means each page has its own design, pictures and information written on it. This makes it difficult for the printers or designers to put the information on the brochure in such a way that each side of the page includes different photos and text.

Mistakes to Eliminate while Creating a Tourist Brochure:

  • The content on the brochure is not divided into separate sections and the information seems to be confusing for the readers.
  • There are more than two fonts used in the text, which is creating confusion for the readers and making it hard to understand easily.
  • The benefit section is not included separately and it’s added in the long and dense paragraphs and the readers can’t find the benefits in a glance.
  • The specification or details about the tourist places and famous spots in the city is not given in a good manner and the readers are having difficulty to understand the text.
  • There are no clear directions about the tourist places and visiting spots on the brochure.
  • There is no section for the tourists to get the customer care information where they can find whatever they are having trouble with.
  • The brochure is in a language that is not understandable by the tourists. For example, if mostly French people visits your town, you should print the brochures in French not in English or any other language.

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Tourist Brochure Template

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