Warning Notice Template – Format & Sample

A warning notice is actually an advice notice that is sent to individuals and a company regarding their behavior in a particular situation and it informs them that they need to change their behavior or else, there will be consequences. Companies send warning notices to employees, suppliers, dealers and other companies all the time and it is very common in the business world. Usually it is not that common but sometimes, customers also send warning notices to the companies and manufacturers about faulty products so that the company can take care of the matter before the customer files an official complain in the local court.

Brief Description of Warning Notice:

Companies do businesses together all the time and every time a company does a business with another company, they both enter in an agreement. By signing and agreeing with the contract clauses and terms, they both are legally bound to follow and obey the rules. When someone violates the agreement, other company sends a warning notice so that they can both sit and talk about the violation. If they can agree on a mutual agreement once again, company can ignore the violation once but if they don’t agree on anything, they both have the option to go in the local court and file a case.

Elements of a Warning Notice:

  • Name of the company or individual that is sending the notice
  • Name of the company or individual on the other end
  • Date and notice reference number
  • Purpose of the notice (details of warning)
  • Given time to consider the warning
  • Consequences if one doesn’t care about the notice

Purposes of a Warning Notice:

The key purpose of a warning notice is to inform the other person or company about the upcoming events so that they can prepare themselves for the consequences and future situations. Even if someone did something wrong and it was very wrong of him, he has the basic right to explain himself and his situation so that even if he wasn’t did that wrong thing intentionally, and he can solve the issue out of the court. Another benefit of warning notice is that when a company sends this notice, it needs more time including the meetings, court sessions and much more which can be a little overwhelming for a big organization so in order to save time, resources and money, companies try to resolve the issues in their own hands just by talking and if that doesn’t work, they have the option to go to court and file a law suit.

Where to Find a Warning Notice?

It is very easy to prepare a warning notice as if you are individual and when it is a company, it has a separate HR department that handles all the related situations. There are also many websites on internet that facilitate the visitors with a wide range of warning notices that you can download in your computer and after making couple of changes, i.e. names of the parties or companies, dates and other stuff, you can use it effectively.

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Warning Notice Sample

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