Who’s Who Flyer Template

Who’s who flyer is used to introduce a person to the public. It is essential tool to show the relationship between that particular person with a family, or an organization. Simply it lets you know who’s who in your family or the organization in a very comprehensive and polite manner. Its definitely a perfect way to introduce a person (i.e. a family member or employee with name and relationship / designation) get public acceptance.

In a family who’s who flyer, it will be described like a family tree with photos, names and relationship title. While in an official or organizational who’s who flyer, there is a list of employees and their seniors by showing who is senior to whom and their mutual link. In order to make this flyer more useful, contact details and some other details can also be added to the flyer. For instance, in a family who’s who flyer, you can add likes and dislikes of a family member, their prominent habits, their center of interest, or any special consideration attached with that person that can be told to know them better. Whereas in an organizational who’s who flyer, you can add employee’s qualification, work and experience criteria, achievements, or any specialty in their filed that can introduce them in best way. Usually who’s who flyers are used in great family reunions with variable names depending on different cultures. Family who’s who flyer is really useful for the young generation in order to get awareness with their older family members. The other type is used to provide to new employees of the organization so that they can get familiar with the office environment in no time. It is often used in a case when an organization has several branches in different regions and its difficult to gather all those members in one place for introduction with each other. So this flyer is used as an introductory note in this case.

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Who is Who Flyer Template

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We all know that a flyer itself is a tool or printed document that is normally used to convey information about something. Significance of a who’s who flyer is not limited to the above described uses. Best strategy is to design this flyer by yourself instead of hiring a professional designer. It is because you, as a member of family / staff, can describe the link in better way as compared to a professional designer which is the main purpose of this flyer. So select a ready-to-use flyer template from an online web service and modify your own details and images in it. It will not only save your time but also save your cost to make it professional looking and ready to distribute using less efforts.

This is not an advertising kind of flyer, so it is not so important to make it in an artistic or tricky way, or full of wonderful motives and borders. Compulsory elements of who’s who flyers include company name, branch / department name, address, contact number, and ‘who’s part contains name and designation of a person with image. To add more details to a person, you can include contact number and email address. Alignment and arrangement of person details matter a lot, so it should be starting from senior to junior to show who’s junior to whom.