Back to School Brochure Template

After the summer vacations are over, it’s time for the students to go back to school but before they do so, they have to prepare for the next session at the school. It can take a while for the kids or students to prepare themselves for returning back to their regular studies after spending around 2-3 months at home during the summer vacations. This is where the back to school brochure comes handy. Schools use this brochure in order to inform the students and their parents that the school will open soon and they should get ready for this.

This brochure includes the details and information about the date on which the school will open, the schedule of the classes, schedule of parent teacher meetings before regular study sessions start, the test and evaluation programs for the study session and the details of extracurricular activities i.e. games, plays and musicals.

Designing a Back to School Brochure:

This is a very simple and easy brochure and you don’t need to spend money on getting one from a designer or internet but you can design this brochure by yourself at home. You just need to have a creative side and a little knowledge of how design programs work on computer. Simple and easy tips are included below for your guidance but before you start, gather a couple of things and get ready for the design process. You will need to include the name of the school, date on which the school will open, and names of the students and their parents who will receive the brochure, details of the sessions or classes at the school and the timing of the school after summer vacation. Once got them all, take a look below and design a back to school brochure by yourself.

Important tips to follow while designing a Back to School Brochure:

1.     Understand the key purpose of the brochure before you start the designing:
Before you start the design process, you should understand for what purpose, you are designing this brochure and what kind of message the brochure should include. With the exact purpose in your mind, you can design a better brochure as compared to work on a random idea.

2.     Always go with a simple design:
It is better to use a simple idea or a very easy design for this type of brochure. You should not complicate the design as a complex design doesn’t attract people and it looks very difficult to understand. This also means that you should only include a single font and even if it’s fancy, it shouldn’t be too complicated to understand.

3.     Find out your resources and the money you can spend on the design:
before you design, you should see how much money you have that you can spend on the brochures. This way if you have less money, you can use a simple black and white design but when you have more money, you can add more colors on the brochure as colorful brochures.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Back to School Brochure Template that I have created using MS Word 2013,

Back to School Brochure Template

Here is download link for this Back to School Brochure Template,

Download Back to School Brochure Template