Daily Task Planner Templates

Daily Task Planner Templates are quite useful in managing your day to day tasks. If you always struggle with your time. Even if you stay busy all day, you can’t finish your tasks either at home or at work. It’s time to plan your entire day with the Daily Task Planner Template. This is a simple, easy and very convenient tool. It will help you dedicate specific duration or time frame for each task. You need to give preference to the tasks that are more important and making time for everything that needs to be done at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter if you want to make the task planner for your home or office. You can use these planner templates anywhere for any purpose and it will serve its key purpose in the best way possible.

Essential Elements to include in a Daily Task Planner:

  • Name of the day of the week
  • Date for each day of the week
  • First column that includes most important tasks
  • Second column that includes less important tasks
  • Third column that includes the tasks that are by far least important
  • Fourth column that includes the tasks that are important to complete. But they can also be completed on any other day if you don’t have time on the present day
  • Duration to complete the task in front or with each of the task so that you know exactly how much it will take to complete all those tasks

Tips for creating a Daily Task Planner:

1.     Find out the tasks that you need to do each day:
Before you start the preparation of the task planner, you need to enlist all the tasks that you need to finish at the end of the day for every week. This way you don’t need to remember each task and wonder if you missed anything or not.

2.     Divide the planner in 7 days for each day of the week:
Divide the task planner in 7 days for each day of the week and dedicate a separate column for each day of the week. This way you can put the tasks in separate columns for each day of the week.

3.     Put the tasks in different colors:
If you have tasks that are different in priority i.e. more important, less important, not important at all, you should put each task in a different color so that you know in a glance if it’s really crucial to complete a task at the end of the day or you can postpone it on the next day. You can put the really important tasks in red color, less important tasks in green color and not important tasks in yellow color.

4.     Mention time for completing each task:
When you include the tasks on each day of the week on the task planner, always mention the time to complete each task. This way you can see exactly how much time is required to complete all the tasks on each day and if you don’t have enough time, you can just do the real important tasks first and put the less important tasks at the end of the day.

Free Daily Task Planner Templates:

Here is our collection of Free Sample Daily Task Planner Templates using MS Word.

Daily Task Planner Template


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daily planner template 05

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