Educational Brochure Template

Educational brochures are usually used in schools, colleges and other institutes where the students need to learn about different stuff but as there is no way of making each of the students understand about each and every thing, so these institutions make educational brochures. An educational brochure is kind of a booklet that includes useful information about things that need to be discussed. It is possible and very common that schools and colleges have dozens of brochures for each kind of course such as science, arts, history and medial etc.

Common mistakes to avoid in Educational Brochures:

  • Make sure that you arrange the text and other content on the brochure in such a way that when the panels are folded, the text stays align inside the folding line.
  • It is never a good idea to stuff the brochure with too much content and no leaving some empty space.
  • Never print the brochure before thoroughly proofreading the entire content at least twice.
  • Use the colors that match with the color scheme of the brochure and the images that you want to include in the brochure. Be careful with the colors as you don’t want to use more than 3-4 colors with multiple shades.
  • Always add headings and subheadings in the brochure so that your readers don’t need to guess anything and just by looking at the heading, they can find what they are about to read.
  • If you want your readers to keep the brochure for a long time and use it more than once, make sure that you use good quality paper and printing ink on the brochure as poor quality of the material used in making the brochure will make the colors fade away very quickly.

Useful tips to create an Educational Brochure:

  • Use the front page carefully:
    Front page is the most important part of the brochure and you need to use it very carefully. Usually this section is used for introduction of the company or to give a short idea about the inside stuff and content of the brochure and you should also use it for the same purpose. Put a good looking image on the front page that is related to the topic that you want to discuss in the brochure.
  • Organize the content in an effective manner:
    It is very effective that you make several sections of the entire content that you want to add in the brochure. After that, put each individual section on separate panels on the brochure. This will not only make it easier to understand but also help you to only include useful and relevant stuff in the brochure and remove the less important details.
  • Proofread the content twice:
    Always make sure that when you finish with the designing, you proofread the entire content at least twice so that if there are any mistakes or grammatical errors, you can remove them. This will also allow you to see if you arranged the stuff in the right manner or there is something needs to be changed. 

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Educational Brochure Template

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