Medical Registration Form

Here is very good quality Medical Registration Form created using MS Word so that any medical institute can use to create their own registration forms quickly and effectively. It is very common in medical field that every institute requires from their patient to fill-up detailed information so that it can be used when required. Such registration forms also help patients not to mention their medical history again and again. They just need to remember their member ID and that’s all. Medical officers can easily monitor their patients improvement in line with their past record and medical history mentioned in their registration form. It is also likely that institutes can create/print membership cards (also known as Health Cards) for their patients to keep it with them while visiting medical centers.

Medical registration form is such a document that is used to create while admitting patients in hospital for treatment. Usually medical registration form is used when there is required long term treatment of patient. Medical registration form is based on record of patients that is required to medical staff. Medical registration form is one of important documents of the medical history and records so it must be created in the best way having a professional look as well as all necessary contents. Here we are going to discuss how many contents are used to put in a medical registration form.

Here is preview of this Medical Registration Form created using MS Word 2013,

Medical Registration Form

Here are some key elements of medical registration form.

  • As concerned the document of medical registration form starts with, it consists of hospital name, serial no, date, patient ID etc.
  • The next section of medical registration form is patient’s history. In this section, basic particulars of patients are added like patient name, phone numbers, complete address, date of birth, date of admission in hospital, gender, marital status and other like that. This sort of information is used as record keeping and is very beneficial for medical staff in patient’s treatment.
  • Various insurance regarding patient is also a part of medical registration form. These insurance policies can be of two types like primary and secondary.
  • Description of patient’s disease is also clearly mentioned in the medical registration form.  It is also stated that from where patient has been treated before admitting in current medical hospital. This is necessary to provide doctors an overview of patient’s disease and diagnosing process.
  • In medical registration form, there are included some questions that are answered by the patient or guardian in form of choosing YES and NO. These questions are written in columns to get more and more information about the patient’s demographic information.
  • Some terms and conditions are also included in medical registration form because they are necessary for the convenience of patient and medical staff as well. Process of patient’s treatment becomes easy and convincing for patients and medical staff.

All this information is used to enter in a registration form to make it professional like. If you are new to make a medical registration form, working manually will be little bit difficult for you. You are suggested to use medical registration form template. This template is an easy way to make a right and professional looking medical registration form. Medical registration form template can be easily downloaded from web as there is variety of templates serving people for accomplishment of important documents.

In case of using templates, you can get ready to use formats of medical registration form. These formats are easy to customize according to your requirements. You just need to put your contents in this format and medical registration form will be ready. Is not it the best way to save your time and money by getting free medical registration form templates?

Hope, you can now create a right, concise and professional like medical registration form having all contents required for it. Good Luck!

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