Terms and Conditions

I have noticed increased number of visitors and their comments reflect their interest in my designed templates. Hence I feel the need to fully explain my terms & conditions regarding these templates. Here are these in brief,

  1. I have designed all these templates myself and mostly used it for my personal purposes. However I am sharing it with everyone here to be helpful and to get best benefit from my creations.
  2. By Downloading one or more templates from my website, you confirm your acceptance of my no warranty policy. I don’t have time to support each and every visitor. However if you spare time to post comments, I shall try to¬†accommodate¬†you in my earliest possible free time by means of updating the corresponding template.
  3. These templates are designed for free distribution. You can allowed to redistribute it as far as you mentioned my website name/link at the download page. Redistributing my work with your own name is legal issue and I shall take every step possible to go against it and put your website down by complaining corresponding higher authorities.
  4. While, I create all these templates myself so nothing harmful is there yet I can’t accept the responsibility of software malfunctioning in your computer either by directly using my designed template or indirectly.

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