Weekly Menu Template for Home

Menu contains a range of items open to a customer to choose from. There are several types of menus like dinner menu, bar menu and weekly menu etc. As the name of the menu suggests it is a menu containing items that will be served throughout a week. Weekly menus are altered every week unlike other menus that largely remain the same throughout a major portion of the year with only few alterations in the prices and food items. Weekly menus are not necessarily offered at restaurants. They can be made by moms at home for reducing their burden of kitchen and managing their household efficiently.

Interestingly weekly menus are a combination of all breakfast, lunch and dinner menus but narrowed down to a shorter period of only seven days.  Weekly menus are way more difficult to make than others because the menu has to be reviewed every week. Mothers who are perfectly known as house managers have to take on this task to please their husbands and moody children. Also this can result in immense peace of mind for them too because they do not have to put strain on their minds daily about what to eat and what not to. House managers (moms) sit down and plan the weekly menu to avoid everyday hassle. Although this task is time consuming but that is worth putting efforts because it is aptly remarked by some genius that you have to lose something to get something.

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Weekly Menu Template

Planning a weekly menu yields many benefits. It not only saves time but money also. Mothers do not have to rush to supermarkets all the time to grab ingredients of different meals. They collect all the necessary material at the beginning of the week avoiding the need to go to stores time to time. Planning saves money by reduced prices on bulk offered by supermarkets. Also reduced trips to supermarket save fuel. Time saved through planning weekly menu can be utilized elsewhere productively. Quality time to children due to spare time left is a plus of this planning activity. Last but not the least weekly menu also results in organized kitchen with everything on its place. This not only gives mothers a sigh of relief but is appealing for other family members as well. Although at first this task might seem intimidating but the end results are so gratifying that one can get addicted to it?

Weekly menus are fun to make as anyone can do it according to his needs. There is no need to be formal while drafting menus as they are not going outside. Children can also take part in this activity. Their input can be very helpful for mothers because children are the moodiest members of any family. So planning according to their wishes will yield best outcomes. Other members of the family can also participate in this process to make it more exciting. Items that can be included in the weekly menu should fulfill the nutritional requirements of family members as well.

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