Catering Menu Template

Catering menus cater to the needs of large number of people at once. From small- scale corporate meetings to large-scale wedding banquets, catering menus serve the people with variety of dishes depending on:

  • Budget
  • Taste
  • Number of people
  • Theme of event
  • Type of gathering

Companies providing catering services design catering menus for various occasions as the client demands. A beautiful and stylish catering menu can certainly add to the good will of any restaurant that is into this business. It showcases the culinary skills of the restaurant and its versatility in the provision of other services. Catering companies design their catering menus to list their service abilities in a personalized way that sets them apart from other service providers. Already existing restaurants can also enter into this business of catering by taking some steps. First step is to design an expressive catering menu that captures the attention of clients. This not only defines the number of food items that restaurant offers but also the arrangement for different types of occasions. As a large number of people are to be served through catering services, so all the necessary home work must be already dine by restaurant.

Catering menus can be designed in an effective manner by taking support and idea from already available templates online. There is a huge variety available online that can be sifted through to get the desired template. The selected template can then be manipulated accordingly by changing the names of dishes and their prices. Catering menus also contain the information about the way dishes can be served to the clients. Like food items contained in individual packing just like a lunch box for all the visitors or a sandwich or salad buffet, or food items served on round table or any other way demanded by client. Caterers have to take the input from the client about his requirements so that a perfect arrangement can be made. Catering services can be customized according to various events. Event like corporate meeting or formal dinner for office employees or a passing out ceremony will have different arrangement than the reception party, or big wedding banquet or a birthday party.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Catering Menu Template created using MS Word,

Catering Menu Template

As the catering menus cater to large gatherings so the price of food packages per at least 10 servings must be mentioned. This reduces the confusion in the mind of client. With tax or without tax must be mentioned to avoid ambiguities later on. Because one of the reason of quarrel between client and caterers is difference in the estimation of prices. So all the prices must be mentioned with tax or without tax. Catering services can be limited to only special occasions like wedding, reception, passing out etc or to events like birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas etc. But limiting the services to only few events attracts few clients. If services are limited to few events then catering menu must also be designed accordingly. Nowadays this trend has taken toll and people usually prefer specialized service providers to arrange events for them. So caterers should think out of the box to attract profitable customers through their catering menus.

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