Christmas Menu Template

Christmas is a time for immense pleasure all over the world among the Christian community. Relatives, friends and neighbors gather together to celebrate the biggest Christian event. People dress in elegant, posh outfits and spend the month in lavish feasts with their loved ones. It is a once a year event which is waited for from a long time before December 25 – the Christmas day. Its preparations begin from the end of November, or maybe start of it for some, and go on till January begins. Apart from clothes, Christmas trees and other decorations, the Christmas menu is a vital part of the event. Most of the guests look forward to the big get-togethers for luscious foods basically. Therefore, it is important to decide such a cuisine which the guests remember till the next Christmas.

Some of the dishes are a simple must, e.g. ham, turkey and beef tenderloin, with accordance to Christian traditions. One tradition is to bring cakes to each other’s places when they visit. However, a few dishes are not enough. A once a year event deserves much more than that! Let’s see how to decide a remarkable Christmas menu.

Everybody has a sense of choice of their guests. You probably know their likes and dislikes. As a number of people are invited, it is difficult to satisfy each and everyone’s expectations, therefore it is a better idea to offer a variety of dishes so that every guest can find his type of dish. Some ideas of delicious and high-class foods are marmalade glazed roast turkey, coffee crusted beef tenderloin, apple cider ginger brined turkey, brown sugar glazed ham, citrus tapenade game hens, Sunday beef rib roast, boeuf en croute and pacen parmesan pork with port sauce. It is advisable to offer drinks and appetizers short after the guests arrive, delectable dinner when the time comes and desserts at the end. The most expected and liked things are a variety of drinks, sauces and desserts, especially cakes, together with the dinner.

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Christmas Menu Template

However, not everybody can afford to throw such sumptuous parties or dinners but everybody has to celebrate Christmas with their friends and families. For them, they can decorate their house and make Christmas trees within their budget. They can also invite guests and prepare delicious foods though less in number and with less variety but with the accordance of their guests’ taste. Instead of offering appetizers and drinks at the start, arrange dinner not long after everyone has arrived, include simpler but yummy dishes and less number of desserts. You can also serve the cakes brought by the guests, if any. Prepare everything at home as it will be more economical. You will have to put in more effort but when you know Christmas is near, you can start preparing before time so that work doesn’t get piled up on the main day. Plus, distribute the responsibilities between household members so that it gets equally easy for all. Christmas is a time of contentment and joy, enjoy it no matter what. Its main purpose is to spend a happy time with your loved ones and not to burden yourself with work or stress. Live the day to its fullest!

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