Customer Service Report Template

Business companies are always very careful about their customers who avail their service or buy their products. Almost all companies provide maintenance or service facility to their customers if their product shows any issues after it is being sold and used by the customer. Whether it is a home appliance, a computer software application, a vehicle, a computer, a cellular mobile phone or whatever; companies provide customer service for their customers to keep a healthy relationship among the company and the customer. Customers can file an issue or report on which company then responds and tries to resolve this issue.

As a response to the customers’ request, the company’s hired technician or relevant representative responds and resolves the issue. This can either be done on telephone, internet or in some cases either the representative have to visit the customer or the product can be sent back to company by the customer (depending upon the policy of the company). To keep a record of all this process and the company’s representatives’ performance, customer service reports are written by the workers or technicians who resolve the said issues. Customer service reports can be both filled in on a preprinted form or also on the computer software generated form.

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Customer Service Report

Customer service report has few salient features which are a must to be mentioned if anyone is writing a customer service report. Take a look at the following important points of writing a customer service report.

  • At the starting, information about the customer should be mentioned to go in to the data base as a record of service. This section should include any customer identity number for your company; this can be the product serial number. Include name and address of customer, the date of complaint and other contact details.
  • Now come to the most important part of a customer service report i.e. the problem reporting. Mention the problem faced by customer in detail. This can also be a specific description such as error codes which are generated by software applications and other computer based products. This section should also include the detail of the representative who dealt with the specific customer. If the product is installed at a different address than customer’s address, mention it separately in a section of installation location.
  • Afterwards include the product details; this should include product name, model, make year, serial number, and warranty or guarantee status, date of purchase and current condition of the product.
  • In the next section, include details for the person responsible for dealing with the problem, this might be your engineer, technician or anyone else who is managing service of products. Once the problem is resolved, this person will leave remarks about the service and other comments related to the product condition.
  • Finally the customer remarks are to be mentioned in the customer service report. There can be a rating option about the service like from poor to excellent or in digit form from 1 to 5 (1 being poor, 5 being best) to ease out the feedback part for customer. Take signatures of customer along with the date.

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