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With the passage of time criminal activities have gone over the head and criminal records have also been developed in this regard to counter the society risks from certain threats. A certain level of sophistication has been formulated in every department of life where only legally clean people are accepted. A good conduct certificate is issued by the legal authorities (police, security agencies) of any area to certify that a certain citizen has a clean record and is free of any legally unwanted activities. Good conduct certificates are also issued by employment companies for their employers to assess their behavior in the working environment.

Good conduct certificates are issued at several levels for different purposes. At educational level, these are issued to students when they are leaving one institution. Good conduct certificate is then presented by such students to the next institute where they will seek admission. On societal level, a good conduct certificate can be applied for by any citizen from the department of law. This certificate holds the verification that a person has not committed any criminal activity and is free of any legal complications, which might stain his or her character. These certificates are required for several purposes, which include job application at renowned companies, applications for job in governmental departments, in military related jobs and also in court of law at certain situations. Good conduct certificates are also issued to soldiers in armed forces. The purpose of good conduct certificates for army men is appreciation and recognition towards their good behavior, seriousness in the conduct of services and performing their duties extraordinarily. Now-a-days medals are awarded along with these certificates of good conduct in most military forces.

Designing a good conduct certificate is an interesting and a critical job. Since there are several categories in this class of certificates, so every design varies from the other of its type. If having some basic knowledge of designing, one can design very own customized and according to choice certificate of good conduct. Take a look at the following important points to keep in mind while designing good conduct certificates:

  • The orientation of good conduct certificates vary; educational and appreciative good conduct certificates are mostly designed in landscape whereas good conduct certificates for citizens from police or law department are designed in portrait orientation.
  • The background of appreciative ones can be designed and colored according to the need; the legally issued ones are printed on official paper mostly with a watermark of police or government department.
  • The title is “Good Conduct Certificate” in all of them, except the ones related to military where the title mentions “Good Conduct Medal” on the certificate as well.
  • Statement of certification or recognition is written afterwards where the name of receiver and all related certification details are included for reference.
  • These certificates of being very sensitive nature are to be stamped or sealed by respective authorities for their authentication.
  • Certificate is signed at the end by any concerned departments’ head.

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Good Conduct Certificate Template

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