Phone Message Slip Template

Here is a professional looking Phone Message Slip Template that can help anyone in creating professional looking Phone Messages received during his/her absence. This slip template is very valuable for office secretaries or personal assistants as they have to deal with this situation on every day. Most of the time they have to face bad mode of their boss only because they were a little late to inform their boss regarding a phone call when he was out of office or busy in an important meeting. By using this message lip template, you can easily write down the details and then approached to your boss directly or when possible to delivery message or at least this information. Feel free to customize its look & feel as per your taste or requirements.

Phone message slip is such a document that is used by the person who leaves an important message on phone for some of his/her friend, family member, colleague or anyone. Phone message slip is very simple document containing some basic information on it but is very convenient both for sender and receiver. Main purpose of using phone slip is to record phone messages when you are out. You can avoid lots of mishaps with help of phone messages for example, a written message will keep you remind that an important call was coming for you from your boss. Now you can understand how a phone message slip can be important for you when you are out and yet required to someone for important communication.

Here is preview of this Phone Message Slip Template created using MS Word 2013,

Phone Message Slip Template

It is very easy to create and design phone message slip because it consists of very little information and contents on it. None of advanced design features and elements are required to make a phone message slip but you must be very careful to bring a professional look of phone message slip. If you are new to create a phone message slip, this information can be very helpful for you so keep reading the following lines attentively:

A very simple tabular format is used to make phone message slip. You need not to worry for choosing any complicated format for making phone message slip. Using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher would be an ideal choice to make this particular format of phone message slip. A table can be easily inserted with help of this software. After choosing a suitable table, you can put required contents of phone message slip.

The next step is entering contents of phone message slip and you must be well aware of what are the contents of a phone message slip? Here is a list of contents to be put in a phone message slip:

  • Name
  • Time
  • Date
  • Respond By
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Message

These are main contents of a phone message slip and no phone message slip completes without entering these contents in chosen format for phone message slip.

Phone message slips are usually made manually but leaving a professional like phone message slip will be better for you. In case of sending phone message slips via E-mail and fax, they are also created electronically. Whatever the way to make a phone message slip, it must be right, concise and professional looking.

Here we suggest another way to bring a professional look of phone message slip. Using a phone message slip can be ideal choice for you to save your time and money as well. These templates are free to download from web as there is variety of templates that are providing ready to use formats for making important documents. You can also try phone message slip template to bring a professional look of phone message slip. You will be very convenient in using this template from all aspects.

Here is download link for this Phone Message Slip Template,

Download Phone Message Slip Template