Wedding Party Flyer Template

When it comes to weddings and marriages, every couple wants their wedding to be one of a kind and they want to make it so special and unique that people would remember it for years. This way some couples use wedding party flyers instead of common and traditional wedding party invitations. A wedding party flyer serves the same purpose as an invitation but it’s different in the design and in the way it presents details to the guests who are invited to the wedding.

On the other hand, many wedding planners and organizers also use the wedding party flyers for marketing and advertisement of their business. In either case, if you want to use a wedding party flyer, you can hire a professional designer who will design the flyer as per your expectations but if you don’t want to spend money on the services; you can also design this flyer by yourself. You may think it is difficult to design the flyer but it’s very simple and easy to create. You just need to follow the simple guidelines and use the tips that will help you design the perfect wedding party flyer for your marriage ceremony.

Essential elements to include on the Wedding Party Flyer:

  • Name of the couple who is getting married
  • An image of the couple who is getting married
  • Date on which the couple is getting married
  • Venue of the wedding ceremony
  • Just a simple introduction of the expected guests in the party
  • Theme of the wedding party
  • Contact information of the hosts

Useful tips for creating Wedding Party Flyer:

  • Always use a good and convincing title or headline:
    When you design the flyer, make sure to use a unique and attractive headline. This headline is supposed to be catchy so that people like reading what’s inside just by looking at the heading on the front page.
  • Use more colors but also keep the flyer simple:
    This is not a business advertisement flyer so you need to use more bright colors and beautiful and elegant fonts in the flyer. Make sure to use a good color combination and never add too many colors as it will look difficult with more than 3-4 colors.
  • Use more images and fewer words:
    If you have the chance, use more images and include short written content. You can use readymade images downloaded from internet but it’s better to use your own pictures in the wedding flyer.
  • Separate different kind of information in separate sections:
    There will be different kind of information on the flyer i.e. introduction to the couple, their parents, the guests, type of the ceremony, location of ceremony and many other things. So it is better that you put different kind of information in separate sections so it is easier for the people to read and understand it.
  • Always include your contact information on the flyer:
    In case a guest forgets where the venue for the party is, you need to include your contact information on the flyer so that if the guests have any issue or question to ask, they can contact you on the phone number you have given on the flyer. 

Here is preview of a Free Sample Wedding Party Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Wedding Party Flyer Template

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