Bonafide Certificate Template

Bonafide certificate is an important document issued by the School to prove that the person is studied in this school. The certificate serves as a proof for the permanent residence of a person in a particular location. The certificate is issued by the governmental authority to issue passport and other vital official documents, like SSC and HSC certificates. It is a legal document also serves as an enrollment letter. The bonafide certificate is issued as a proof that a person is directly belonged to the educational institution and other organizations. It is used to certify students that he/she is studying in a specific institution.

Contents of the Bonafide Certificate

The certificate contains name of the school, details of students and the admission number and the class in which the student is studying. Sometimes, date of birth is also included in the certificate according to the nature of certificate and the needs of students.

Uses of Bonafide Certificate

The bonafide certificate plays an important role in the organizations, because several employees need it to get salary payments. The certificates were introduced in 1980s to certify the connection of a person with an institution. The certificate is a computer generated form that is used to report important details of a student or employee. Usually, the bonafied certificates should contain three important things:

  • Contact details and important information about the employees
  • The details of employees important to be checked
  • The certificate should be signed by the designated authority, such as the site manager

The certificate should be produced for all worksites that may be school sites, corporate sites, district offices, support units, administrative unit, etc. The person who is applying for the passport also required to submit the bonafide certificate during his/her education days.

The student of final year with final year project should submit the certificate with the project report. This type of bonafide certificate must have project title, name of the project, signature of the supervisor and tutor. Some other details like academic designation, name of the department and address of the institution can be obtained from supervisor.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Bonafide Certificate Template created by our staff using MS Word to help school administration to create such Bonafide Certificates,

Bonafide Certificate Template

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How to Get Bonafide Certificate

If you want to get bonafide certificate, you have to submit your application in the student affairs office and department office. Student affairs office deals with your application for bonafide certificate if it is for visa renewal or new visa, passport, loan for education and scholarship. If you are submitting application for bonafide certificate during half or full semester project, mini project and during training, then the department office will deal with your application.

If your attendance percentage is 80 percent or more than 80 percent, then you can submit an online application, otherwise you have to follow a casual procedure to get the bonafide certificate. After submitting your application, you will get a reference Id to get the email notification about the process of bonafide certificate. It is an important document and has lots of uses, therefore you are advised to submit your application on time to get bonafide certificate.