CD Label Template

Here is a good quality CD Label Template that can be created using MS Word. CD Titles are very good to describe contents of any disc and is a must have for every digital media publisher. It is very common in now a days office to burn data in CDs or DVDs and then distribute it to its intended audience. To help them understand the contents of this CD/DVD, it is critical to label it with proper CD Title. You must have such CD labels readily available so that they can easily print it when and where required.

CD stands for Compact Disk and they are used to insert in computer system. They are data storage disks that can be used for backup as well. These disks should be labeled properly for right identification of data stored in it. If you are in habit of using lots of CDs i.e. giving presents to friends, backup and storing data, you will need to have lots of CDs. You can pick the right one from crowd of CDs by reading its label. A proper CD label will help you keep your stuff in good manner. You must have nice CD labels whether you are keeping CDs personally or professionally. If you want to make good CD labels, we provide you complete assistance in this regard.

Here is preview of this CD Label Template created using MS Word,

CD Label Template

Here is a procedure and tips to make a good looking CD label. Creating CD labels is something different than creating other sort of stuff like CD covers.

  • CD labels are created in round shape and first, you will have to cut circle for creating CD label. The one thing is very convenient while creating CD label that the size remains same with every CD label.
  • Color and design theme of CD label should be varied. It would be very nice if you select the design theme of CD label according to the stuff stored in a CD. For example, if you are going to create CD label for music CDs, the design theme of label must matched with music theme.
  • Pictures are necessary to add in label designing but it will be little bit difficult to add image in circle shape of CD label. Choosing small size pictures or icons will be suitable and easy to place them on CD labels.
  • You must prepare different designs for different CDs because it will save your time to pick the right one when you need it. Searching required CDs become very difficult in case of making same designs of CD labels.
  • After completing design work of CD label, this is time to make them adhesive on CD. You must be very careful in adhesive these labels on CD so that they may look good. Try to avoid mesh in this regard.
  • If you find it hard to make CD labels by yourself, you should not waste your time and money. Taking help from templates would be an ideal choice for you. Using template is very easy because they are ready to use and you can customize them easily. These templates are free to download and easy to edit according to your requirements. With no money, you can have professional look of CD labels.
  • On the other hand, you can hire services of professional designers to make perfect CD labels for you. If you can afford the services of professional designer, you must go on to it. But making CD labels for personal uses, you should not spend money on it.

I hope, these tips are sufficient for you to make a good looking CD label. Just follow the tips given above and make a nice CD label.

Here is download link for this CD Label Template,

Download CD Label Template