Corporate Brochure Template

It is a common knowledge that big corporations have dozens of divisions and departments inside the company and even if you know every department and floor as an employee, it doesn’t prove that every visitor will also know it well too. You can understand that every time a person walks in with no knowledge of the departments in the corporation, you can’t ask your reception staff to go with each one of them and guide them to the right direction while leaving the front desk empty.

In order to make sure that your visitors and customers have good knowledge of your corporation, you can use corporation brochures. Here you can add a simple and short introduction to your company, its goals and accomplishments and also the divisions and other related information about the company. You can put these brochures at the front desk and visitors will not only get to know your company better but if they are waiting for some reason, it will also be a good time pass for them to go through the brochure.

Common mistakes in Corporate Brochures:

  • The most common mistake is not to choose the right kind and size of the brochure that suits your needs best. Make sure not to have a too big or too small brochure.
  • When it’s a corporate brochure, it requires huge responsibility and professionalism so you shouldn’t be creating it by yourself. Instead, lose some money and hire a professional designer to make an excellent and customized brochure for your firm. If you have some good ideas, share them with him and hope for best.
  • As a designer, you can make a big mistake of designing each panel individually. You need to understand that even if each panel includes difference stuff and information, it is still the part of the whole brochure and that’s why you should put the same background color scheme on each panel.
  • Before printing hundreds of brochures, just make a dozen of them and let’s see if people like the design, style and content of the brochure or you need to work on these things.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Corporate Brochure Template created using MS Word,

Corporate Brochure Template

Useful Tips for creating Corporate Brochures:

  • Hire professional designer for this purpose:
    It will be better if you let a professional handle this stuff and hire a designer who knows how to design a corporate brochure and what needs to be added in the brochure. You may have some good ideas but if you haven’t done this before, many things can go wrong.
  • Define your budget:
    If you are working for a corporation and you have the duty to design the brochures, it is better to know how much money you have to work with and then select the design, color and other stuff about the brochure. This way you can make sure that you don’t exceed of your budget and have control over the money so you spend it wisely.
  • Define your corporation in separate categories:
    A brochure has different panels so it is better if you divide the corporation related stuff in different categories and then add them in separate sections so that it will be easier for the readers to understand and go through the contents. 

Here is download link for this Corporate Brochure Template,

Download Corporate Brochure Template