Equipment Inventory List Template

If you are the owner of a company or you work in a company as the manager, you can understand how important it is for the administration to stay up to date about the stock and available inventory of the store items in the warehouse all the time. This is why the companies and organizations conduct inventories multiple times every year. It depends on your company and the type of available equipment that how many times you are asked to conduct the inventory but most likely it will not happen more than 4 times a year. When you are asked to conduct the inventory, you will be given equipment inventory list. This list will include the items that you need to count or check while conducting the inventory in your office or department.

Key Elements to include in the Equipment Inventory List:

  • Name of the department in which the inventory will be conducted
  • Name of the person or employee who will conduct or lead the inventory
  • Date on which the inventory will be conducted
  • Serial numbers for the equipment or items on the inventory list
  • Name and description of each of the equipment on the list
  • Most likely place for each item to be found
  • Number of available units of each item
  • Signature of the supervisor

Useful tips for creating the equipment inventory list:

  • Make sure you conduct the inventory on time:
    When you receive a formal request from your management about conducting the inventory in your department, make sure to understand when you are asked to conduct the inventory and if there are multiple departments in your company, also make sure that you have the right inventory list for your department.
  • Find a place or point where you can start the inventory:
    Understand the inventory list and divide the items in different parts i.e. areas where multiple items can be found. This way you can have a starting point and by going through each point, you can easily reach the end point of the inventory.
  • Make sure to inform your supervisor or manager about the inventory:
    Before you conduct the inventory in the store or warehouse, make sure to inform your supervisor or department manager that you are going to conduct the inventory so that they don’t think you are absent or out of the office for personal reasons.
  • Before you get worry, find the lost items around:
    While you are conducting the inventory, if there is anything or any item missing in the warehouse, there is no need to panic and worrying about it. Before you report the missing item to your supervisor or mention it in your checklist, make sure to go through all the places where the item can be found and if you end up with nothing, then indicate the item as missing or lost.
  • Authorize the inventory with your signature:
    Once you finish the inventory, sign it with your full name because the inventory list without the signature of the employee who conducted the inventory is useless and no good for the management. 

Here is preview of a Free Sample Equipment Inventory List Template created using MS Excel,

Equipment Inventory List Template

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