Document Control Log Template

Organizations and businesses as well as many individuals that deal with hundreds of documents on regular basis and they need to create a proper system to file, secure, retrieve and share those documents. Document management or control system is a process which stores and recovers the documents and information enlisted in them. This process is also called filling system and an office can’t work smoothly or properly without such a process. Keeping a document control log means you keep documented proof of every document you get, give or exchange along with the name of the person who gave it or received it from you. This way when you look at this log and search for a specific document, you immediately find out the location of that document in the shelf of your office or if you have it to someone else, the name and contact address of that person along with the reason of giving the document to him.

Document control log is such a process in which the files and documents are reserved or saved for the future references. A document control log includes number of information which provides all the required information about a specific document such as the name of the document, serial or reference number, official important of that document, date it was created, the file number which contains the document of if you gave it to someone else. For example you want to see a contract document which you prepared a month ago but now you can’t remember where you put it. If you prepared a document log at that time, you can look into it to find the location of that document. When you find it by the reference number or name, you find out that the document is in the sixth file in you cabinet and this way you have the document in your hands in a minute.

Here is preview of my created Document Control Log Template using MS Word,

Document Control Log Template

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Companies and organizations build their own customized document control log which fulfils their needs and requirements. It’s so complicated that you will need a professional software developer to create such a log. But if you don’t want to go through all that trouble or effort you can get help from number of websites which offer to make such a program for only few bucks. On the other hand, if your company is not that big enough or you just want to make it for yourself, you can prepare it by using a paper and pen or by creating new spreadsheet on computer. It won’t be that sophisticated by will surely fulfill all your needs.

General uses of a document control log in our daily lives:

  • It is used in offices and businesses to store and retrieve the documents without any delay.
  • It’s used by government agencies to keep record of millions of documents including official and public.
  • It’s used by individuals to keep record of their own documents at home.
  • Schools and colleges use this log to control the documents and student files.

Here is download link for above mentioned Document Control Log Template,

Download Document Control Log Template