Parents Communication Log Template

When parents send their child to a school or college, they kind of transfer the responsibility of child’s growth and enhancement to the teachers or the care takers at the school but the thing they don’t usually get is that the kid is still spending a whole lot of time at home with them. This way they can’t just ask the teacher about why their child is not learning anything new or using abusive language when the kid is watching his parents fight all the time at home. This is the reason that most of the schools and colleges involve the parents of their students in their growth process. This way parents meet the teachers regularly and find what’s new with their kid or if he or she is falling into some bad habit or sitting with bad fellows. This is called parents communicating with the child and it’s very important in order to keep the child attached with his or her parents.

When a child gets older like reaches his teenage, he needs more care and wants his surrounding people to care about him in extra amount. People like his teachers, parents, old siblings and other close family members. This way he has his family to share his experiences with or to ask about something. It’s seen that those children, who are completely left alone on their own or at the responsibility of their teachers, don’t grow into a very good person and usually end up being a bad guy or rehabilitation centers. The main purpose of keeping the parents communicate with the child is to constantly get to know what’s new with him or if he is considering something in a wrong way. A parent communication log is a documented process to keep a record of this strategy. This way when the parents communicate with their child or try to fill the gap between them, they write their experience in a book called log.

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Parent Communication Log Template

Keeping a communication log is very important especially for the teachers of your child. Sometimes the institutes keep it by themselves and ask the parents to come to school to observe their child and once they are done, they are asked to put their observation data or comments in the communication log. This way, the teachers finds out if those parents are satisfied about their child or there is something wrong which needs to be corrected. Some of the schools or colleges ask the parents to keep a communication log at home so that whenever they talk to their child on a sensitive issue or in an unusual situation, they put their comments or feelings in the log and at the end of every month, they are required to bring the log to their child’s teacher which helps him to evaluate the behavioral changes of that student.

General uses of a parent communication log in our daily lives:

  • By using this log, the parents are able to fill the gap which is found in between the child and the parents.
  • The teachers can be definite about the growth and performance of the students by reviewing their communication logs.
  • This way the parents can find out hidden things or issues with their children.
  • Teachers can use it to evaluate the performance of students in the final semester.

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