Fuel Consumption Log Template

If you are running either a manufacturing company or just a corporate firm, sometimes it will happen that you end up with wrong kind of staff or lazy workers. The ratio of incorrect staff found in the manufacturing industry is greater but it can be found anywhere in any kind of industry. If you are running or supervising a manufacturing department, you will see indolent and irresponsible employees everywhere. For example the staff in your department won’t care about the fuel the machinery or equipment is consuming or it’s just you who is worried that the machine wastes huge amount of fuel when it’s running. So what would you do in that kind of situation? Probably you will think to come up with an idea to keep record of the fuel consumption of the equipment and a fuel consumption log is just the right way to do it. Keeping such a log is a documented process in which the technician or the supervisor of equipment is required to record the different amounts of fuel the machine consumes in various situations or circumstances.

For example you see a machine which always consumes different amount of gasoline when its running and you always wonder how it is possible. but the thing you don’t understand is that the machines requires more fuel when it’s hot in there or if the air filter is blocked with the dust. When you constantly keep record of its fuel consumption, you see that it needs less gas when the weather is cold out there or it suddenly started consuming less fuel when you serviced it. This way when you see that the machine or equipment is again consuming more fuel, you understand that it’s time to service the engine again or if it’s hot out there, there is nothing to worry if it takes more gasoline. As an operator of that machine or the supervisor of the whole manufacturing division, you can explain it to the management why the equipments consume more fuel in summer and less in winter.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Fuel Consumption Log Template created by our staff using MS Word,

Fuel Consumption Log Template

Huge manufacturing companies or industries with great number of production use a professional log to record the fuel consumption of the manufacturing department which is customized designed by a designer or software engineer but if your company or unit is not that big enough, you can get help from some website. There are many websites which help to create such logs free of cost and you won’t have to do any effort or hard work. And if you want to prepare this log all by yourself you can do it by just using a paper or by creating a spreadsheet on computer which serves just like a professional log.

General uses of fuel consumption log in our daily lives:

  • This log helps the supervisor of the manufacturing to find out the actual cost of some equipment.
  • It informs the manager if there is an excessive consumption of fuel.
  • It tells the operator that the machinery is not working well as it’s consuming more fuel and needs to be services or check by a mechanic.
  • It helps the overall industry by cutting fuel expenses and alarming the supervisor on time when a machine or equipment is broken.

Here is download link for the above shown Fuel Consumption Log Template,

Download Fuel Consumption Log Template