Outsourcing Agreement Template – Administrative and Technology Services

If we describe outsourcing in simple words, it’s the process of hiring staff for your company from a distance in which you don’t need to have any office but your employees will work from remote areas from all over the world over the internet. Due to many reasons, outsourcing is getting more and more common in organizations and companies. Usually companies use outsourcing services for the tasks and processes that can be done from a distance without having the employees present in the office and this includes all the administrative and technological services for the company and organizations.

Agreement for outsourcing the services:

If you or your company is about to involve in the outsourcing process, you need to understand that this is a very delicate and complex process. You can deal with your employees in many ways when they are in front of you such as pushing deadlines and motivating them to work hard but you can’t do the same for the employees who aren’t in front of you and working from distance of hundreds and thousands of miles. In order to make sure that you get the maximum productivity and quality of work, you need to enter in an agreement with the outsourcing employees or the contractor who is providing you staff for outsourcing. This way you can use that contract as leverage to get the required results on time and with required quality of the products or services.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Outsourcing Agreement Template  created using MS Word,

Outsourcing Agreement Template 1

Outsourcing Agreement Template 2

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Types of outsourcing agreements:

  • General outsourcing agreement(s)
  • Outsourcing agreement for manufacturing purposes:
  • Outsourcing agreement for information technology (IT)
  • Outsourcing agreement for business processes
  • Master agreement for outsourcing the technological services

Tips for preparing a useful agreement for outsourcing:

There are dozens of websites on internet that allow you to create and download a professional looking agreement for outsourcing but when you need to add customized terms and clauses in the agreement, you need to draft the agreement by yourself. Here are some useful tips for you to create a well-organized and professionally looking outsourcing agreement for administrative and technological services.

  • Have a win/win situation for the sake of both parties in the agreement:
    You need to have some flexibility in adding the clauses and terms in the agreement. As the buyer for the services, you have the leverage to have whatever you want in the contract but that doesn’t mean pushing the contractor to the limits. Agree on the terms that are equally beneficial for both the parties.
  • Define and explain the outsourcing services required by you in detail:
    In order to eliminate any misunderstanding and dispute, you need to define and explain all the services in detailed manner so that both the parties understand what they are working with and what everyone should expect.
  • Provide a quality assurance process to collect the finished services:
    Most of the time, the dispute at the end of a contract is caused by the misunderstanding in between the parties on different terms for the quality of the finished services. You need to describe the level of sophistication or the required quality of services that you expect so that the contractor knows what he has to deliver.
  • Watch out for the end of the agreement:
    You should keep in mind that even if you have signed a contract, it doesn’t mean that the agreement will end on very good terms and it could result in a dispute or a law suit against your company or the other party and you have to be prepared for those situations before it’s the time to think of a solution. 

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