Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template

In order to maintain a good environment on the workplace and bound the employees to follow work ethics, employers take casual drug tests from all the staff members. Usually the drug test depends on each company and its policies but there are some states in America that bound each employer to take random drug tests of all the employees in the staff.

Introduction to the Drug Testing Consent Agreement:

Even if the employers are bound to take random drug tests from employees in the workplace, they can’t do it without the permission of the employees. This is why when a company with such drug use policies hires new employees, it asks them to sign an agreement with the company that allows the employer to take drug tests whenever he requires or needs.

Brief Description of Drug Testing Consent Agreement:

Unlike a few years back, now there is a huge competition among employees in companies and organizations. Each one tries to do best and perform better than others in order to stay in the company as many employers make it clear that the person with least performance will be fired at the end of each month or quarter depending on each company. When there is that much stress and pressure to perform well and give maximum efforts to the job, some employees use drugs in order to cope with the pressure and stay relaxed during the work hours. Most of the drugs have bad affects on employees and anyone can tell if they are on a drug or sober but there are some new drugs that only boost the immune system and the user doesn’t show any affects on the body or behavior. In order to check for these drugs and eliminate the employees who violate work ethics by taking such drugs, employers take drug tests from employees. These tests are taken by the agreement that each employee is bound to sign at the beginning of the employment in the company.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template

Key Elements to add in the Drug Testing Consent Agreement:

  • Name of the employer/company
  • Name of the employee
  • Personal information of the employee
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Clauses of the agreement
  • Results of violation of agreement
  • Signature of employer and employee

Importance and uses of Drug Testing Consent Agreement:

It is very important for the employers to maintain a good environment in the workplace because drug addicted employees not only give poor performance but they also drag the name of the company through mud and it leaves a bad image on the market and on partners when they find out such thing is happening inside the company. To make sure that employees don’t use drugs and they don’t resist the drug tests randomly, employers need drug testing consent agreement signed by the employees so that they don’t have any objection to take a drug test and even if they have any drug related problem or addiction, they try to stay sober while working in the office.

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