Sample Landlord Notice to Vacate

Those who don’t have enough money to buy their own place to live, they rent a house, apartment, condo or anything depending on the situation. This way they live in the building and give a small amount of money as a rent for the living. The rights and ownership of the building remains in hands of the landlord or the owner and he can ask to vacate the building anytime he wants. But, he needs to give a notice to the tenants and some days so that they can find another place to live and that notice is called landlord notice to vacate.

Brief Description of Landlord Notice to Vacate:

Most of the time when tenants put a law suit on their landlord, it’s because he asked them to vacate the building without any prior notice and when they found out that they have to leave the place in less than 24 hours, they didn’t have much time to find another place and thus, they filed a case in the local court against the landlord. To avoid that kind of situation and legal complications, landlords are required to send a proper vacate notice to the tenants along with some days to find another place i.e. 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

It is very easy to prepare this notice by yourself but you need to keep it in your mind that you can’t ask the tenants out of the blue to just vacate the building within 24 hours but you have to give them enough time to think about their options and search for another place. This time can also be used to solve the issues in between the tenants and landlord and if they agree on some kind of settlement, landlord reserves the right to take the notice back and let them live in the building until further action. Sometimes, the landlords are also required to attach a copy of the contract with the notice but it’s not very rare and only happens when tenants wants to see the contract.

Elements of a Landlord Notice to Vacate:

  • Name of the landlord
  • Address of the building
  • Date when the tenants rented the place
  • Name of the tenants
  • Reasons of asking to vacate the building
  • Days the tenants have in order to find another place

Where to get a Landlord Notice to Vacate?

There is no need to hire an attorney or try to find such notices on internet but as a landlord, you can prepare this notice by yourself. You just need to see the contract and make sure you provide enough days to the tenant to find another place.

It can be 1 week or even 4 weeks depending on the clause of contract that you agreed on when you rented the place to the tenants. Only this is the most important thing to consider and if you provide required vacate days to the tenants, there is no need to spend money hiring a lawyer for this very basic job.

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Landlord Notice to Vacate

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