Section 8 Notice Sample

It is one of the notices that are very rarely used in regular routines and also people usually avoid using it too. When a landlord fails to convince the tenants to vacate the building, he sends them section 8 notice which is the last warning to them before court takes the matter in its hands. If the tenants ignore the section 8 notice, law enforcement agency has all the rights to step in and solve the issue according to the law.

Brief Description of Section 8 Notice:

It is very common that even when the tenant and owner of a building or any other property enter in a mutual agreement and contract, one of them backs out or violates the contract which gives the other party a right to terminate the contract and take legal actions. Most of the time, it’s the tenant that didn’t follow the clauses and rules of the contract and as a result of the violation, the owner of the property asks them to vacate the building. If they don’t, he again sends them a more serious notice which is the last warning for them before law enforcement agency steps in and takes the matter in his own hands. That very serious and final warning notice also known as section 8 notice.

For example, the tenants of an apartment building violated the rules of listening to loud music at night and as a punishment, the owner of the building asked them to vacate the apartment. If the vacate the apartment, they can easily find another place to rent and there won’t be any problem but if they ignore the notice, they are sent another section 8 notice which is the last warning. At this point, if the tenants leave the building, they are still safe but if they don’t police or local law enforcement agency steps in and forcibly makes them leave the building and as a result, they might spend some time behind bars i.e. 2-4 weeks.

Elements of a Section 8 Notice:

  • Name of the landlord who is sending the notice
  • Address of the property lend to the tenants
  • Name of the tenant(s)
  • Purpose of sending the notice
  • Available days to vacate the building
  • Consequences if one ignores the notice

Purposes of a Section 8 Notice:

It is a basic right of every human being that he is provided with a last chance before anything serious happens. In the same manner, when a tenant refuses to leave the building, the owner sends him a section 8 notice that informs him that he has no choice other than leaving the building by himself or else, he will be forcibly vacated from the building by police and it won’t be that simple and situation might get ugly.

Where to find a Section 8 Notice?

A Section 8 notice is a very official and legal document and to issue one, you need to hire a lawyer or contact to the court, explain your situation to them and ask for a section 8 notice for your tenants.

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