Death Notice Sample

When a person dies, his friends or family members are provided with a proof of his death and that proof or official document is called death notice. Death notice is also referred to the fact that when someone dies, his family members inform his workplace about his death in order to collect his belongings and due salary and incentives. If the deceased person was insured, death notices also inform the insurance company about the insurance claim and it gives them enough time to validate the cause of death and payment process.

Brief Description of Death Notice:

Life is very unpredictable and it doesn’t take much time to complete the cycle of one’s life but world doesn’t stop after one’s death and the usual routines need to run as before. When a person dies, it is very tough time period for his family members and friends but law doesn’t concerns with how much sorrow the other family members are feeling but they have to complete their procedures.

In the same manner, if the deceased person worked in a company, it is important to inform that company about the death of their employee so that they can complete the paper work and other official procedures. Some companies have the policy to give incentives and insurance claim to the family members of a deceased employee and to do so; they need to be informed about the death of that employee in time so that they can arrange for the money or another position in the company for one of the children of the deceased person.

Elements of a Death Notice:

  • Name of the deceased person
  • Time and date of his death
  • The reason of his death
  • Date when the notice is issued
  • Validation period and renewal date

Reasons to Issue a Death Notice:

It doesn’t just end with the death of a person and there are many other things to do after one dies. For example, getting the ownership of his accounts, saving, property or claiming his belongings by his family members. The most important reason to issue or get a death certificate is to transfer the property of deceased person in his children and other family members i.e. wife, parents etc. also if that person was a criminal, death notice will inform the law enforcement agencies that he is dead now and they have to close the case file. These are just some common reasons to issue a death notice and there is a lot more to it.

Where to get a Death Notice?

Unlike number of other formal notices, no individual or company can issue death notice but only the designated local government agency that has the right to issue the death certificate of a deceased person. If a person wants to be provided a death notice of his friend or any family member, he has to contact to the government agency that keeps the record of every birth and death in the city and let them know that he wants to get a death notice of the deceased person.

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Death Notice Sample

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