Quit Notice Template – Format & Sample

When an employee wants to quit his job due to any reason, he needs to inform his superiors and managers about him leaving the company so that they can find another employee or his substitute in time and this informing process is done with a formal letter called quit notice.

Brief Description of Quit Notice:

You know that when a company hires employees, it reserves the right to terminate their employment anytime it wants but it has to inform the employees at least 2-3 weeks prior of the termination so that they can find another job in time. In the same manner, employees are also required to inform their management and HR department before leaving the job instantly.

It is also very important because when the employee is gone, there will be a vacant position in the office and it will take 1-2 weeks to hire a new employee and 2-3 more weeks to train him for the job. When an employee informs about quitting his job, company can find the substitute in time and he can also be trained by the employee who is quitting about the job responsibilities and duties.

Elements of a Quit Notice:

  • Name of the company and internal department
  • Name of the head of the department and the head manager
  • Name of the employee who wants to quit
  • Date when he joined the company
  • His job designation in the company
  • Reasons why he is quitting from his job
  • Notice period (1-4 weeks)
  • Request to issue an experience letter and all due incentives

Reasons to Send a Quit Notice:

There are many reasons why employees send quit notices to the management but the most important reason is to leave a job with antiquates. If a person decides to leave his job, he has to earn an experience letter in return of all the years he has given to the company and that experience letter will help him to land on another job in the career. If that person just quits from his job without telling anyone, he won’t be awarded with the experience letter and it will require more patience and hard work to find another job from the starting. Also this notice informs the company that an employee is quitting so they need to arrange for his due salary and other incentives in time.

Where to get a Quit Notice?

It sounds like a very formal or legal thing but in reality, a quit notice is just a formal piece of paper usually company letterhead that includes the reasons why an employee is quitting his job and how long he will work in the office. It can be done by any ordinary employee and he doesn’t need to include any lawyer in the process but sometimes, companies ask the employees to include some HR personnel if they want to quit their job. This way HR makes sure that if they can resolve the issues and solve all the problems, the quitter won’t quit from his job.

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Quit Notice Template

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