Lease Termination Notice Sample

Lease can be of anything i.e. building, house, apartment, car, transportation vehicle or a piece of land and when the owner lend his property, he and the tenant enter in an agreement and they both are legally bound to obey and follow all the rules and terms of the agreement. If any one of them violates the rules and clauses of the agreement, the other party reserves the right to terminate the lease immediately or give some time to consider the options. The formal letter that is sent in order to inform the party that the lease is terminated is called lease termination notice.

Brief Description of Lease Termination Notice:

It is very easy to understand this kind of notice and it is also very obvious from the title that this notice is formal information to the party that their lease has been terminated and they have no tenant rights on a property anymore. For example, a person lends his farm house to a person on a lease for 1 year and they both agree on the contract that the owner won’t ask the tenant to leave the farm before the whole year ends but they also agree on some rules and regulations i.e. the other person won’t use the farm for any illegal cultivation and there won’t be any construction on the farm house either.

When the tenant violates the terms and conditions of the agreement, the owner reserves the right to terminate the contract of the lease anytime he wants even if the year isn’t ended yet. To do so, the owner sends the lease termination notice to the tenant to let him know that he won’t have any lease rights on the property anymore and he has to leave the premises immediately before any law enforcement agency steps in.

Elements of a Lease Termination Notice:

  • Name of the company sending the notice
  • Date when the notice was issued and sent
  • Reference number of the notice
  • Address and name of the property
  • Name of the tenant(s)
  • Reasons to terminate the lease
  • Duration in which the tenants are required to contact the landlord
  • Caution for the tenants if they ignore the notice
  • Consequences afterwards

Purposes of a Lease Termination Notice:

This notice serves the very common and basic need that the owner has the legal obligation to inform the tenant before ending or terminating the lease by himself. This is just a way to inform him about the problem and give him some time to explain his situation and come clear to the owner.

Where to find a Lease Termination Notice?

It is very easy to find this notice on the internet where dozens of websites have a huge list of lease termination notice templates and you can choose either one you want or require. If you don’t want to do that, you can also make this notice by yourself and you just need a formal legal document to write all the information and details on and if you want, you can also hire a lawyer to help you out.

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Lease Termination Notice Sample

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