Eviction Notice Sample

It is very obvious from the title that an eviction notice is something that is issued to inform a tenant to evacuate the building. It can be because of any reason which depends on each particular situation. Sometimes, these notices are also sent to the owner of a building by the tenant but most of the time, building owners sent these notices to the tenants.

Brief Description of Eviction Notice:

In civilized countries i.e. America, England, and Canada, when a building owner gives the building to a tenant, he is bound by the legal obligation that no matter what the reasons are and what the situation is, he can’t ask the tenant to leave the building without a valid notice. It depends on each country how many days the owner can allow the tenants but usually, it’s in between 1 week to 4 weeks at most in most cases.

This explains that when a tenant receives an eviction notice, he is legally bound to leave the building within the duration mentioned in the notice. Also when there is a valid period of time mentioned in the notice, the tenant can’t challenge it in any court or law enforcement agency because owners always reserve the right to ask the tenants to leave the building with a valid notice.

On one hand, it gives protection to the owners from a possible lawsuit whereas, on the other hand, it gives the tenants enough time to consider their options and find another place to live. Although it’s not that common most of the time, eviction notices are issued due to some violation of building rules i.e. if a person keeps pets in a no-pet building or listens to loud music at night, the owner has the right to ask him to leave the building.

Most of the time, when an eviction notice is issued and received by the tenants, they start looking for another place right after that but it’s also possible that if they talk to the building owner and convince him that they won’t violate any rules again, the owner has the right to take the notice back and let them live in the building until further such situation.

Elements of an Eviction Notice:

  • Name of the issuer or the owner of the property
  • Date of issuance of the notice
  • Validation period
  • Name of the tenant
  • Possible reasons for eviction
  • Authentication by the witnesses

Where to get an Eviction Notice?

Most of the time, eviction notices are prepared on a simple document on which the owner includes the above-mentioned information and puts his signature at the end where some people ask their lawyers to prepare these notices for the tenants of their clients. This way, it’s more authenticated and the owner makes sure that he has followed all the rules and local laws in the notice. The duration of allowing the tenant to live in the building is also decided by the lawyers.

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Eviction Notice

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