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Here is a collection of Free Cash Receipt Templates to help you prepare and print your own Cash Receipt. You can also check out our other receipt templates such as Donation Receipt Templates and Rent Receipt Templates.

Cash receipt is a document in which you enlist the transaction of your money when you sell something or buy something or you lend your money, property or any other valuable thing to anyone. Cash receipt is very important as through this you can keep the record of your money transactions. Receipt serves as a proof of the amount through a transaction. Receipt is a document containing any kind of information regarding money or any other valuable thing. It keeps a permanent record of where and how you have spent your money and how much money is due. It keeps the vendor and the client up to date and is a way to keep the healthy relationship between the two.

Often people says that the illiterate people that don’t go for the cash receipt are usually suffer loss. Anyone can betray you if you didn’t ask for a receipt of your payment. Or this also happens that client may not get the thing being promised. So it keeps both the vendor and the buyer or client on a safe side. Therefore now-a-days everyone goes for the cash receipts. Through receipts you get the advantage of any legal action against the person who has not returned your money or betrayed you in any sense. Cash receipt is a thing which can never be ignored in any of the profession whether it is banking, selling, construction or any other, it is very important to keep a record of all the transaction or activities being occurred in an organization.

Now the question is how to write the receipt? The answer is very simple but necessary to understand. While you write the receipt, the first thing which you have to mention is the date in which the transaction has occurred. Then you have to write the name of the person from whom the money or any other valuable thing is received, his identity card number etc. and afterwards mention the amount transacted in words and in also in figure so that there is no confusion regarding the amount being transacted. After this you have to write the reason of money transaction, that for what purpose are you writing the receipt.

Reasons can be many for example you might be taking any house or shop on rent or you may have sold or bought anything etc. Depending upon the reason, if it is about rent etc then write the duration for which you have paid or if it is because of any sale write the date of sale and the product and also enlist if any money is due. Then finally write the name of the person who has received the cash, his address and his identity card number. Phone numbers are optional but taking the signatures of both the parties, the receiver and giver of money, are very important.

So through such a document you get to know when, where, how, why and with whom you made a deal. Hence we can say that the cash receipt is very important for both the vendor and the client and it helps you keep healthy relationship with your clients and saves you from any kind of misunderstanding or loss in your business. So always go for the cash receipt and acknowledge others about its benefits.

Free Cash Receipt Templates

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