Best Costume Certificate Template

Here is a professionally designed Best Costume Certificate Template that can be used to create Costume Certificates usually issued at events where people are encouraged to dress up using different kind of costumes. Such events are not only organized by schools but also by private organizations such as musical clubs, community centers and/or NGOs to support their cause. Obviously to encourage people, it is also critical to give them reward for wearing the most beautiful or unique costume among all other party fellows. On some situations, it is also seen that a fashion parade is arranged to show off their dresses to the participants.

Costumes are dresses and apparel made for wearing of kids as well as elders to act as some supernatural or super hero of international or local or cultural fame. Costumes are made for wearing on festivals, parties and also on some religious events. Festivals related to customary folklore and cultural history are also sometimes featured on some legend and people love to wear costumes. Festivals such as Halloween, Masquerade festivals in Italy, Spain and France, Carnivals and other many parties include the frequent wearing of costumes. Costumes are also worn by children on parties and other events conducted in schools.

Here is preview of this Best Costume Certificate Template designed using MS Word 2010,

Best Costume Certificate Template

There are several competitions on designing best costumes. These competitions are conducted to encourage the fashion designers for their creativity and explore more of fashion and designing by these people. Costume designing competitions are either held on some themed costume like costume design of a cartoon character or superhero or they are held in free zone where the designers can design a costume of their own choice. These costumes are then judged on the basis of creativity, the similarity to the themed costume (if any), the comfort and overall design. Participants from whom winners are awarded prizes and the best costume design certificate.

Costume design certificates are easily available on the internet to be readily printed and can be modified as well. However anyone with basic knowledge of designing using computer graphics can create their own certificate for best costume design, although there are a few key points to designing a costume certificate. Take a look at the following tips which might help you in designing best costume certificate.

  • First and foremost and important tip is to choose the orientation of the certificate. Keep in mind that this kind of certificate is best designed in landscape orientation. The size of the certificate also matters, however the best recommended size if A4 or a little larger if required.
  • The design of the certificate can be themed or random. If the competition is held on a festival such as Halloween the certificate’s border and theme colors can be chosen according to the symbolic Halloween colors and objects. The same can be done for other festivals, however if it is a random competition the colors can be of your choice but they should be catchy and not dull.
  • For certificates designed for kids, it is advisable to make the certificate look more fun. Add cartoon characters and images which are liked by kids.
  • The text center should mention CERTIFICATE or BEST COSTUME DESIGN or both together. This should be the standout text and clearly visible.
  • Following the main heading a small statement for reference to the winner can be made. If there is just winner, the certificate can be typed; however a blank space for name of winner(s) should be left if there is more than one.
  • At the end name of awarding authority or person’s detail should be left with a space to sign it and date.

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