High School Certificate Template

Here is a good looking High School Certificate Template created using Microsoft Word to help school management in creating their own High School Certificates quickly and without spending too much time on its design.

Education is the key to development of nations and is a well-practiced fact all over the world, over centuries. The nations more educated, prove to be more successful in the modern life. High school is grade of education system, applicable almost all around the world in the schooling duration of education of students. This is also termed as O-level in many countries who are teaching under the governance of some U.K. based universities. The students who appear in high school certificate exam are eligible to acquire this certificate upon passing this exam.  High school certificate is the base certificate leading to further studies.

Like every other high school certificate design, it contains a prominent place for title, student’s name, detail of certificate and place for principal stamp as well as signature. These are all pretty standard elements that every certificate must have it and should be laid out correctly. The most important aspect is how the overall design looks like specially when it is hanged on a wall or placed at a desktop. It is important to keep in mind while designing any school certificate that it is going to be used not only for students to claim honor but also for schools to earn good repute in social community.

Here is preview of this High School Certificate Template created using Microsoft Word,

High School Certificate Template

High school certificates are usually awarded by respective schools from where a student is appearing in the high school certificate examination. The schools after assessing the examinations announce the results and the examination is conducted under the guidelines provided by the relevant board of studies, issues this certificate to the successful students. This certificate is to be presented to the next institution where a student might seek admission for further studies. These certificates are designed by every school according to their own design and requirements. Schools pay a lot of money to the designers for the purpose of getting their own certificate designed. However if you have a school and also have a little knowledge about designing on a computer software program, you can design your very own customized high school certificate. Take a look at the following handy tips which might be of help for you on the way:

  • The High School Certificates are most of the time designed in landscape orientation; this however is not any pact rule, the certificate can also be designed in portrait orientation as per your own choice.
  • The color theme has to be chosen very carefully. Since this is an official certificate and has to be very professional, the colors chosen should be very light and decent. No eye pinching and funky colors should be chosen. The text color is preferred to be black in most cases. However any other dark color relevant to the background color can be used for the purpose.
  • The name of school is to be mentioned at the top in a heading format. Designers use a curved, semi-circle shaped text arrangement for the heading so it is suggested that you also try it for better design experience.
  • School monogram or logo is to be included at the top of the certificate under the name heading. If you have designed the name in a circle heading, the logo can be moved to the top in this sequence.
  • Underneath the main heading and logo, certification statement is written with blank spaces for the name of student, day, month and year. In some cases the grade scored by the student is also mentioned so space is to be left for the grade as well.
  • The certificate is to end by designating space for mentioning name of the head of institution such as Principal and someone from examination section such as a controller of examination or superintendent etc.

Here is download link for this High School Certificate Template,

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