Address Book Templates

Download these 20+ Free Address Book Templates to help you prepare your own Address Book in MS Word. An address book is a simple small book containing a list of contacts and numbers. This is also called the name and address book NAB. Entries for each contact in the address book are written with necessary details … Read more

Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

Hello Friends!  Here comes my collection of 13 Free Printable Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates. I like these Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates because it is a simple one-page agreement but includes everything that any professional non-disclosure agreement must have. Please don’t forget to change the contact and other details on this template before using it for your serious … Read more

Executive Summary Templates

Download these 29 Free Executive Summary Templates to help you prepare your own Executive Summary. An Executive Summary is typically referred to as a summarized document that represents facts and figures. Usually, it is derived from another extended official report. Executives and Managers don’t have enough time to read a long and exhaustive report. Hence there … Read more

Annual Business Report Templates

Annual Report Template

Download our collection of 12 Free Annual Business Report Templates to help easily prepare this year’s annual report. Looking for more options? See my post on Project Status Report Templates. There are a number of types of annual reports. Some are in the education sector where students need to prepare their annual reports. Others are … Read more

Purchase Contract Templates

Purchase Contract Template

Here are 23 Free Purchase Contract Templates that can help any purchase manager quickly create a comprehensive and professional purchase contract. During a purchase transaction, it is critical to discuss and finalize all the terms related to that purchase transaction. Then put them all in a black & white contract. Such contracts help both parties … Read more

Donation Receipt Templates

Donation Receipt Template

Here is a collection of 5 Free Donation Receipt Templates to help you print your own Donation Receipt. If you need to print receive for other transactions, check my post on Cash Receipt Templates. A donation receipt is just like a receipt that people use for their financial transactions. By nature, a Donation receipt is … Read more

Hotel Receipt Templates

Hotel Receipt Template

Here is our collection of 5 Free Hotel Receipt Templates to help you print your own Hotel Receipt. If you want to see more options, check out my post on Cash Receipt Templates. A hotel is an establishment that provides you with temporary paid lodging on a short-term basis. Hotels follow the general principle of … Read more

Rent Receipt Templates

Rent Receipt Template

You can download these 7 Free Rent Receipt Templates to help you prepare your own rent receipt. If you need to explore more choices, check out my post on Cash Receipt Templates. If you are a property owner or living in a house on rent and you are responsible for paying the rent on time. … Read more

Cash Receipt Templates

Cash Receipt Template

Here is a collection of Free Cash Receipt Templates to help you prepare and print your own Cash Receipt. You can also check out our other receipt templates such as Donation Receipt Templates and Rent Receipt Templates. A cash receipt is a document in which you enlist the transaction of your money when you sell something … Read more

Packing Slip Templates

Packing Slip Template

Here is our collection of 21 Free Packing Slip Templates to help you prepare your own packing list. You can also check out our Task Planner Templates to help you find more choices. With the passage of time, the business world is emerging into advanced shapes. Dealing with customers in one’s area such as a town, … Read more

Construction Proposal Templates

Construction Proposal Template

Allow me to share with you a collection of 14 Free Construction Proposal Templates to help you write your own in as less as possible time. All parties involved in the project of construction can protect their interests with a well-written construction proposal. The need for a properly drafted construction proposal gets immense if a … Read more

Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Here is our collection of 10 Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates to assist you quickly in preparing your own Proposal quickly. A winning Sponsorship Proposal is always critical to earning the right sponsor for your product or getting support in your education. A good sponsorship proposal is important for your future because it is a perfect tool … Read more

Consultant Agreement Templates

Here are 21 Free Consultant Agreement Templates & Samples in MS Word to help you prepare and print your own Consultant Agreement quickly. These Consultant Agreement Templates can help anyone to prepare consultant agreements between clients and service providers/consultants. A consultant should arrange or prepare a contract with his/her client before he/she starts working for a … Read more