Disaster Recovery Plan Template

A company or an organization can encounter with a number of disasters even if it is running on long term strategies but no one can foresee the future and upcoming market situations unless it’s time and the company is going through such circumstances. In order to make sure that the company is prepared for any kind of disasters, there is a process called disaster recovery planning which defines the alternate plans for the company to run if there is a disaster or any kind.

Important of Disaster Recovery Planning for a Company:

It is not possible all the time that company runs smoothly but there are always some hurdles or problems that harm the performance of the company or affects it’s output ration and to ensure that no matter what the situation is and what circumstances the company is going through, there shouldn’t be any delay in the manufacturing process of even if there is a disaster in the company, the customer or the market won’t feel it as the company is will run on an alternate strategy. This is only possible when the company has defined alternate strategies before the disaster actually took place and that is done by disaster recovery planning.

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to create a Disaster Recovery Plan:

  1. Define the type of business you are dealing with:
    Before starting the whole disaster recovery plan, the first and most important step to take is to define what kind of business you are running and what are the different products or manufacturing process involved in the business. For example a company manufactures home appliances for local and international market so before making any disaster recovery plans for such company, it is important that the company and its processes are defined clearly so it will be easier for the supervisor to foresee the possible disasters that could harm the company.
  2. Enlist possible disasters that could affect the business:
    Once the business is clearly defined, now it is time to enlist the possible problems, issues or disasters that could affect the performance or output ratio of the company. For example, we are talking about a home appliance manufacturing company and it can have disasters; i.e. shortage or raw material, power failure, strike by the company employees, unusual variation in the manufacturing prices, change in the market trends, and change in the government, natural disasters and many more. This way when the disasters are defined and enlisted for a company, it is easier to make alternate strategies and to find solutions for such disasters in time.
  3. Define solutions or recovery plan for each kind of disaster:
    This stage defines the recovery plans for each kind of disaster. For example, if a company encounters with a disaster of strike by the employees as they want raises in their salaries, company can define a solution of having a couple of dozens of employees on standby so that if there is a strike, the manufacturing process will continue. On the other hand, if there is a power failure that is delaying the manufacturing process, company can arrange for generators or alternate power sources before time.

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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