Enterprise Resource Plan Template

Usually when we talk about business plans and strategies, it’s in documentation form but here when we discuss ERP or enterprise resource plan, it is a software program that helps businesses (usually manufacturers) to keep track of each part of their business. Usually this software program helps the business to keep track of its inventory, planning, strategies, purchasing, marketing, sales, finance and employment in the company. In simple words, this is a computer program that helps the companies to run with a more accurate results and analysis of facts and figures.

It is not possible for the high profile employees of a company to keep track of every operation and problem in the company but most of the time; they have to depend on the middle managers and division supervisors which can be a big problem in the company’s overall progress ratio. When there is a problem or issue in the company, usually middle management doesn’t inform the directors and CEOs unless it is crucial and they always try to handle the situation on their level which can be a bigger problem in the future and to make sure that doesn’t happen, enterprise resource plan steps in and provides information about every operation and problem in the company.

Importance of Enterprise Resource Plan:

  • It helps the high profile personnel in the company (often high level manager, directors and CEOs) to analyze the working of the company and keep an eye on each of the internal departments with just a single click.
  • It helps the internal departments and employees to get to know the integrated divisions in a better way and to make their working more efficient.
  • It gives a real time more accurate status of all the departments in a company.
  • This software program handles all the departments at one place so there is no need to spend any money on buying separate accountability software programs for each individual department.
  • There is an option to expend the software in order to keep track of possible failures and future problems in the company.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Enterprise Resource Plan Template created using MS Word,

Enterprise Resource Plan Template

Types of Enterprise Resource Plan:

  • Mobile ERP:
    This is the most common and famous type of ERP which is preferred by most of the businessmen and high profile employees in a company. It is very important to keep an eye on each single change in the company regardless of where you are and what kind of social communication gadget you are using and mobile ERP enables the users to keep eye on the company progress from any corner of the world.
  • Cloud ERP:
    Cloud technology is in operations for quite some time and now it has also acquired ERP operations. Now it is very easy for the owners and directors of a company to access the company database from anywhere in the world using almost any kind of gadget i.e. mobile phone, tablet PC, laptop and desktop computer. Now they don’t need to carry any kind of memory device all the time with them but they can access the real time data and figures of the company from anywhere using cloud technology.

Here is download link for this Enterprise Resource Plan Template,

Download Enterprise Resource Plan Template