Party Invitation Tracking List Template

When we talk about a party, what is the most important part of it? Some will say it’s the food, some will say it’s the venue where some will state that the most important element in a party planning is the sitting and decoration arrangement and even if all these elements are important, the most important one is the guests that will attend the party. This means that when you have a party to plan, you have to focus on sending the invitations to your friends and relatives. When a party organizer has to send hundreds of invitations, it is possible that he loses track of some of the invitations. This is where a party invitation tracking list comes handy. This tracker will make it easy for you to see to how many people you have sent the invitations and how many of them are still left behind.

Brief Description of Party Invitation Tracking List:

A party invitation tracking list is a simple tool that indicates towards the names of people who have received the party invitations, the people who haven’t received their invitations yet and the people who have replied with an answer to the invitations. If you plan a lot of parties, you can understand how difficult is it to remember the names of people who you have sent the invitations already and the people who are still waiting for your invitation. With the party invitation tracking list, you can easily keep track of all these people.

This track will allow you to write the names of the people who you want to invite to your party in one column and as you send invitations to them one by one, you can mark their names. This way you can easily see how many people are left who haven’t received their invitations. You can also include an additional column on this tracker where you can put the RSVP of the guests with yes or no. with this tool, you can evaluate how many guests will be there in your party in just a glance without trying to remember who replied with yes and who excused with a reason. You can download a readymade party invitation tracking list from internet or you can make by yourself in MS Excel on your computer.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Party Invitation Tracking List Template created using MS Word,

Party Invitation Tracking List Template

Key elements to include in the Party Invitation Tracking List:

  • Title of the tracker i.e. wedding party, birthday party, graduation party or housewarming party
  • Number of guests who you want to send the invitations to
  • First column of the tracker that includes the name of the people who you want to invite to your party
  • Second column of the tracker that includes the date on which you sent invitations to certain people
  • Third column of the tracker that indicates the replies of the guests i.e. yes or no
  • Total number of people or guests who have received the invitations
  • Number of people who are still left behind
  • Total number of guests who have replied to their invitations with yes

Here is download link for the above shown Party Invitation Tracking List Template,

Download Party Invitation Tracking List Template