Small Business Invoice Template

A business invoice is important to use to maintain the sale and purchase record of your business. It is used to track the services you have rendered for a certain person or client to track the amount of money that you be in debt the client or the client in debts you. It is a convenient and simple way to record the business transaction and to keep them organized in a file. The invoice should be designed according to the standard and practical format for easy understanding. A perfect small business invoice will help you to successfully run your business to avoid any billing and late payment issues.

Tips to Write Small Business Invoice

A professionally designed small business invoice enables you to run your business successfully to keep the payment record and to collect the payment on time to maintain smooth cash flow for your business. It is important to carefully design a small business invoice, and following are some tips to design a perfect invoice for small business:

  • Leave three inches space at the top and bottom of the page before typing the title of the invoice at the top of the page and centralized it. Choose accurate title, such as “Small Business Invoice” in capital and bold letters in a larger font that may be 18 points or more.
  • Skip almost four to six lines before typing the name of the customer’s business and address along the left-hand side. Leave another line to add an invoice date and number to distinguish each invoice for proper record keeping. Do not forget to include the reference number for the convenience of all involved parties.
  • Before writing the description of your products and services, leave two lines and two to three inch margin on the right side of the page. Clearly write the cost of your services and create a separate section to write the details of each item.
  • You have to write total amount due followed by the dollar total of your invoice. Use bold font to highlight important headings so that the reader can easily read the contents of your invoice.
  • It is important to write payment policy on the invoice such as, the payment is due within 60 days or anything else according to the nature of your business. Proofread your invoice before taking its printout on the letterhead of your company.
  • Your invoice should contain necessary legal disclaimers in small font and in the disclaimer, write return and guarantee policies, specification of work and services and any other important details.
  • Write preferred payment method and list of total price for the work. It is important to write a simple thank you note at the bottom of the small  business invoice before concluding it.

Free Small Business Invoice Template

Here is preview of a Free Sample Small Business Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Small Business Invoice Template

Common Mistakes in the Small Business Invoice

  • The small business invoice should be free from any error, so do not finalize the draft before proofreading it. Your business invoice should contain complete details according to the needs of your business.
  • Do not use technical words in the invoice, as these will be difficult to understand for the reader and some confusions may cause between you and your customers.

Here is download link for the above shown Free Small Business Invoice Template,

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