Advertising Agency Invoice Template

An invoice is a documented proof from a service provider to a client or customer that shows the company or service provider has provided the required services to the client prior to the payment and now the client or customer owes money to the company for the services he received. These days, most companies conduct business with their clients and customers on credit which means the company provides services before it receives any payment and once the services are provided; the company sends an invoice to the client and asks him to make the payment.

Invoice for advertising agency:

An advertising agency is a service providing company that helps organizations and business with the advertisement and marketing of their services and products. An advertising agency is hired by a company or a manufacturer that wants to introduce new products or services in the market and hires the advertising agency to come up with an attractive and effective idea about the marketing of the product. Just like any other business, advertising agencies also conduct most of their business on credit.

This means that they agency provides the services to the client or a company prior to any payment and once the services are provided according to the expectations of the client, the agency sends a formal notification to the client in order to remind him about the payment or money he owes to the agency. This formal notification is known as the advertising agency invoice. Most of the time, an advertising agency invoice is just a single piece of paper that includes the services and the money that the client owes to the agency but when the agency provides lots of services, the invoice can include more than once page with details of each service.

Advantages of making invoice for advertising agency:

There are many advantages and benefits for using invoices for advertising agency but the most important and key benefit is that with this invoice, the agency can remind the client about the money that he owes to the agency without coming too hard or sounding too greedy. This invoice also proves that the agency has provided the services it was asked by the client and the client has accepted the services. At the end, if the client makes any excuse or refuses to pay, the advertising agency can use the invoice and file a case against the client.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Advertising Agency Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Advertising Agency Invoice Template

Essential elements to include in an invoice for advertising agency:

  • Name of the advertising agency with trademark
  • Reference number of the invoice for record keeping purposes
  • Specific date on which the agency issued the invoice
  • Conditions on which the client agreed to conduct business with the agency
  • Detail of the services provided by the advertising agency with specific dates
  • Payment details for each services
  • Money that the client owes to the company
  • Time frame in which the client is asked to make the payment
  • Method of the payment i.e. cash, check or online transfer in bank account
  • Signature of the authorized person from the advertising agency

Here is download link for above shown Advertising Agency Invoice Template,

Download Advertising Agency Invoice Template