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Paper is produced from the wood; to be more specific from the cellulose pulp, which comes from tree wood and grass etc. Usually this material is made moist and during a paste form, it is added with other materials, which help in stabilizing the shape of paper and is pressed and results in what we know as paper. Paper has several forms including the commonly used writing paper, the box making paper, tissue paper and the one used in newspaper printing. According to a survey, the paper is wasted to a large extent and contributes to more than one third of total trash in United States only.

Writing paper is also one major form of paper being disposed of at a large rate resulting into millions of tons of useless garbage, which is just adding some more weight to the already thrown burden on the nature by human beings. There have been a number of methods devised over and over again for proper disposal of paper waste, but all does not seem to make much of a difference. There can be another solution to the problem, which is reuse or recycling of writing paper and hence effective use of writing paper can be done.

Yesterday, my son asked me to help him by printing a 4 lined paper so that he can easily do his English Letters writing practice. I modified my own lined paper template and made it 4 lined writing paper template for English Letters. I am sharing that here with all my visitors to get benefit from it.

Here is download link,

Download 4 lined-English Writing Paper Template

Here is another version of this writing paper with 5 lines to help an extra bit for newbie writing learners,

Here is download link,

Download 5 Lined Writing Paper Template


First of all the major effective use of used and waste writing paper can be re-cycling of the writing paper. This is also being done at a large scale in the world. Writing paper can be collected and then recycled; re processed and resulted again into usable low quality writing paper, which can then again be recycled to result into newspaper standard paper and tissues for toiletry use.

Writing papers can be used for making art. This art coined in by the Japanese people, and is world renowned by the term Origami. Origami is traditional paper craft or Japanese which teaches to convert paper into beautiful, artistic objects which can be utilized for decoration purposes and can result into a good business of decoration arts. This in turn will also help in effective use of writing paper and hence decrease in the writing paper waste.

Writing paper at its worst condition is again deformed, processed and then resulted in to chip boards and wooden boards to be used for woodcrafts, furniture and construction purposes. This is also one of the important effective uses of paper, since the paper is not wasted and is used in effective manner to serve for other purposes than just being garbage.

Writing paper used for personal diary purposes is never wasted. The diary writers will never ever let go off their creation which has endless memories of the past expressed in the forms of words on it. So diary writing is also one effective use of paper writing which also saves the paper from turning into garbage.

Used writing paper can also be used for glass cleaning purposes, but this can at the end result into paper being wasted and thrown to garbage.

So be wise and make effective use of writing paper, and save not only the paper but the environment as well.

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