Daily Attendance Report Template

Once I have created this simple yet complete format of Daily Attendance Report for my staff to report me the daily attendance of all employees. This served my purpose very well. It is divided into two sections, at the top you can see summary view where you can see number of employees, absence, on leave and present. While the second section list each and every employee along with its attendance status.  This section can be extended to next sheet to accommodate more and more employees. I am sure this will be helpful to many others so I am just sharing it with my visitors.

What is an Attendance Report?

The profession of teacher or professor is one of the most demanding and time-consuming jobs in the world. It’s not a job where you simply come in and go out at a set time. They have to be so much more than mere employees. The importance of teachers’ attendance sheet never comes to an end whether they are teaching the students of primary, secondary or college level. It is time-consuming job in the earth. It is a job that demands attention round the clock.  They are more attentive than employees of other organizations. So they have to keep vigil on the changing situation. The time is much more precious for them.

Daily Attendance Report Template

Here is preview of this Daily Attendance Report created using MS Word.

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The importance of their time may be judged by their duty being performed to make the young generation of nations responsible for their future. They have to prepare not only lesson plans, tests, theoretical and practical exams, but also teach classes and assess assignments. It is not possible to cope with all these duties during the school hours. Due to this situation they are bound to sacrifice more time to this exercise that they are to pass with their family.

What is Students Attendance Register?

It has also been observed that most of the teachers have to attend not only more than one class but also have to teach different subjects. Keeping in view the circumstances being faced by teachers, it would be better to evolve a system that can help them to cope with the present circumstances. They can utilize software system to be more effective with a more efficient system. In this way they can lower their workload. This system can perform as teachers’ best attendance sheet.

Keeping in view the situation, they may use categories like student name, subjects, examinations, tests and any other types of categories that they feel relevant. In this way their work will become light. They can easily retrieve the concerned file quite easily. They will be got rid of the burden of bulky file which are not so easy to handle. Instead they have to bring with them only most important files and documents.

If the teachers are given such type of filing system, it will not save their precious time that is being wasted in retrieving of files and documents. They will be able to spend more their time in their duty of imparting quality education to their students. Their efficiency will increase and they will give more attention towards their primary role.

As teachers are running their classes, they have to indulge in a lot of work like marking attendance sheets, giving reference material to students, teaching and deal with administrative formalities. All such type of work can be managed by using advanced document management software which is available in the market. The implementation of such beneficial filing system will go a long for betterment of teachers’ efficiency.

It is however noted that teachers are precious asset of our society who are building our future adults and so it is expected they would perform their duties honestly. It is also our foremost obligation to provide them as much facilities as possible for the sake our future expectations.