Funeral Brochure Template

A brochure is also known as a pamphlet or flyer but it’s kind of different from all of them. You can also understand a brochure like a book with several pages but all the pages are just one sheet which are folded together to form a book-like shape. The most interesting thing about brochures is that unlike other advertising tools and techniques, people can touch and carry the brochures with them and read the information in their own ways. You can put flyers of your company on streets and walls of crowded buildings but that won’t allow the people to read the information and details on the flyer in a relaxing and more thoroughly but with brochures, they can read the information in a better way.

You may think of brochures as an advertisement technique for your business but brochures are also used in funerals. It may seen confusing that why would someone wants to create brochures for funeral but it is a very useful technique in order to remember the life of a deceased person that a family has lost. With funeral brochures, you can put the whole life of that person on the paper and distribute it among the people who came for the funeral services. This will not only create a useful way to remember the services and efforts of the deceased person in easier way but it will also be used as a memento which you can keep for a long time at your home that will remind you about the person you lost and the way he spent his life around you.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Funeral Brochure Template created using MS Word,

Funeral Brochure Template

Tips for making a Funeral Brochure:

  • Gather the necessary information:
    The first and most important thing to create a funeral brochure is to gather all the information that you want to put on the brochure. This includes the pictures, photos and written material about the accomplishments and noble deeds of the deceased person.
  • Define your budget and requirements:
    After that, you need to define how much money you have that you can spend on the brochures. You need to understand that brochures are expensive and they cost more than the flyers and pamphlets so you need to concentrate on the money. Also with the budget, you should also understand your requirements about the brochures and the expectations of people about the design and information included on the brochures.
  • Decide the type of brochure to use:
    You can either use a bi-fold brochure or a tri-fold brochure and the choice depends on the budget you have and the information that you want to share on the brochure. If there are more pictures and a long timeline about the life of the deceased person, you can use a booklet brochure with dozens of panels where if you are working with a smaller budget, it is better to stick with bi-fold brochure.
  • Arrange the information in separate panels:
    After that, it’s time to arrange the information on different panels on the brochure. Here you can start with the childhood memories of the deceased person and with each panel, you can include things and pictures about his teenage, adultery and then later when he or she got married, started a family and had children. 

Here is download link for this Funeral Brochure Template,

Download Funeral Brochure Template