Hotel Receipt Templates

Here is my collection of 5 Free Hotel Receipt Templates to help you print your own Hotel Receipt. If you want to see more options, check out my post on Cash Receipt Templates.

Hotel is an establishment that provides you temporary paid lodging on short-term basis. Hotels follow general principle of accounting related to the management of payments, charges and disputes. Hotel offers different services and receives payments in exchange of these services. It is essential to properly manage financial matters and department of the hotel to increase the profitability of the organization. Usually, hotel receipts are being offered to the customers as proof of payments. This record is essential to maintain for the hotels also because it will help them to maintain their financial data according to accounting standards. Hotel receipts will help them to manage their cash registers. These receipts should be designed according to defined standards to get all benefits.

Tips to Design and Maintain Hotel Receipts

It is essential to manage all hotel receipts in proper way according to their categories and following are some important tips to maintain hotel receipts:

  • It is really easy to design hotel receipts and you can do it without any professional aid. In first step, create a header such as first line of your receipt should contain name of your hotel followed by its address and contact number. This will help customer to contact you to ask about any query. You can include operating hours of your hotel with website address.
  • Specify place to write date and time of the transaction to maintain proper record. Carefully list items on the hotel receipt because it will serve as a reference between you and your customer. You can include small description of items according to your requirements. Write down ISBN or any code for your products and the price of all items on the right side of hotel receipt.
  • Some states charge different percentage of tax on food items also so you have to check the tax rules before including any clause in your hotel receipt. Prepare a specimen of your hotel receipt and secure it in your resume. It will save your time in the generation of hotel receipt every time. Insert logo of your hotel in the hotel receipt to make it unique for your own business.

Management of Hotel Receipts

Hotel receipts are essential to manage properly to have proper record because it proves useful on different occasions such as audit and financial accounting. Following are some ways for the management of hotel receipts:

Organize By Category and Date

It is beneficial to organize receipts by category in a file and in the computer. Make sure to get signature of each customer on the hotel receipt for its authentication. Include all details in the receipts to avoid any legal trouble. You can prepare different files or can use divider to separate record of each month. Label all files carefully with proper date, month and year so that you can get any important receipt on time. It will be good to buy alphabetical tabs to make your work convenient. If you want to discard any data regarding hotel receipts then make sure to know about their uselessness otherwise some potential problems can be caused.

Free Hotel Receipt Templates

Here is preview of a Free Sample Hotel Receipt Template using MS Word.

Hotel Receipt Template

Here is download link for this Hotel Receipt Template,

Lodge Bill Format in Word format.

Hotel Receipt Template 02

Printable Hotel Bill Format in DOC.

Hotel Receipt Template 03

Restaurant Bill Format for download.

Hotel Receipt Template 04

Another Lodge Bill Format in Word

Hotel Receipt Template 05