School Attendance Sheet Template

A school attendance sheet is a tool that is used by schools, colleges and other educational institutes to record the attendance and absence of the students. This is a simple sheet on which the names of the students are written and their attendance or absence is marked for each day of the month. For example, school has 500 students with 100 students in each class. In this situation, each class has a separate attendance sheet on which the students of that class mark their attendance. Usually it’s the responsibility of the class teacher to mark the attendance or absence of students for each day of the month but the class monitor or head of the class can also perform this duty.

Benefits of using a School Attendance Sheet:

If you take a look at your own family, you will find that there are many kinds in your family that don’t want to go to school and they always have some kind of excuse to take a leave but you know how important it is for them to attend the school. The same thing happens in a school where the principal and the teachers understand how important it is for the students to attend the classes regularly. This is where the attendance sheet comes handy as with this sheet, the teachers can evaluate at the end of the each month that how many leaves each student took and if it exceeds a certain limit, they can call the parents for a meeting. In college, this sheet is also used to evaluate the overall attendance of the students at the end of each semester for evaluation purposes. The student with least absents is awarded with some kind of certificate or shield in order to appreciate his punctuality.

Key Elements to include in the School Attendance Sheet:

  • Name of the school at the top of each sheet
  • Name of the class for each separate sheet in the school
  • Name of the teacher who teaches each specific class
  • 1st column where names of the students are written
  • 30/31 columns for the attendance or absence of the students depending on the days of each month
  • Bold row at the bottom of each sheet to calculate total number of attendance and absents of each student
  • Signature of the class teacher

Here is preview of a Free Sample School Attendance Sheet Template created using MS Word,

School Attendance Sheet Template

Tips for creating a School Attendance Sheet:

1.     Count the number of classes in your school:
Before you start the sheet, you need to count how many classes are there in your school so that you can make that much sheets i.e. a separate sheet for each class.

2.     Count the number of students in each class:
After that, you need to count the number of students in each class so that you can put that much rows in each sheet i.e. one row for each student

3.     Put the name of the teacher on the top of each sheet:
When preparing the attendance sheet, you should put the name of the teacher that teaches each class on the top of the sheet.

4.     Add separate columns for each day of the month:
Add 30 or 31 columns on each sheet depending on the days of the month and add an extra column on the left side where the names of the students will go.

Make a bold row for counting total number of attendance at the end:
At the end of the sheet, include a bigger or bolder row in which the teacher will put the total number of attendance for each student at the end of each month.

Here is download link for this School Attendance Sheet Template,

Download School Attendance Sheet Template