Barber Shop Price List Template

A barber shop price list is a list on which the barber includes detail of the services that he provides along with rates of each service. This includes the services like hair cutting, hair trimming; shaving, hot bath etc. barbers put these price lists that include all the services they offer outside their shop on the glass so that the walking people and customers can see the price for each service without asking the barber.

Brief description of Barber Shop Price List:

Unlike the price of a product; the services that a barber offers are different along with their rates. For example, a barber charges $1 for hair cutting where as another barber charges $2 for the same hair cut. This makes the situation a little confusing for the customers as they have to come inside the barber shop and ask for the charges for each service. In order to make it easy for the customers, barbers create price lists and put it on the glass outside the shop. This way when a customer comes to the barber shop, he doesn’t need to come inside and ask the barber how much he charges for hair cut or hair trim but he can just take a look on the price list and decide if he wants to come in or he has another barber who charges less than that.

Essential elements to include in the Barber Shop Price List:

  • Name of the shop and the name of the barber
  • Date from which the price list is effective
  • Timing of the barber shop i.e. from 9am to 5pm
  • List of the services that the barber offers
  • Price or charges for each service
  • Details of discount (if the barber offers any)
  • Signature of the barber with full name

Here is preview of a Free Sample Barber Shop Price List Template created using MS Word,

Barber Shop Price List Template

Tips for creating a Barber Shop Price List:

1.     Gather the information you want to put on the list:
Before you start the design of price list for your barber shop, you should gather the details and information that you will need to put on the price list. You can also make a rough draft and include the details as you prefer so that you can make sure you don’t miss anything.

2.     Select the design of the list:
After that, you need to select a particular design for the price list. This includes the color of the price list, style of the font and the manner of putting the details of the price list. The best barber price list is where you put the services in one column and the charges for each service in the next column.

3.     Make sure to proofread the content before printing it:
When you finish the design and put everything necessary on the price list, you should go through it at least twice so that if there is any mistake in the prices or charges, you can remove them before printing the price list. Once you have done the proofreading, select the paper on which you want to print the design. Here you can use both white and colored paper i.e. red, blue or green for making it more attractive.

Here is download link for this Barber Shop Price List Template,

Download Barber Shop Price List Template