Book Reading Log Template

A typical student in his educational period reads lots of books both study related and non-related. Usually when someone starts a book, he first finishes it and then go on to another one but some of them also read more than one book at one time. It’s hard and complicated to remember where we left off last time and where are we on a specific book. Also if you don’t read regularly but casually from time to time, it’s very difficult for you to recall the part of the book where you left off the last time. This is where a book reading log comes handy as it helps a reader to put related information on a document. It’s also called a reading journal and if we explain it in simple words, it’s the documented record keeper of your reading related stuff.

There are various kinds of reading logs available and their type mainly depends upon the use according to an individual. For example a student will need a different kind of reading log as compared to a professional who writes article and reads history books for work related stuff. There are some institutions i.e. schools or colleges which bound their students to keep a reading journal which allow their teachers to find what types of books they are reading and what are their reviews about them. sometimes these journals cover about 20% of the marks in your final examination which means if you have continuously filled the log with the information about the books you read, you will get about 20% marks for free.

Here is preview of a my created Book Reading Log Template using MS Word,

Book Reading Log Template

You may think it’s not that big of deal to remember about every book and its contents but you are wrong or estimating it very lightly. Unlike a student, a professional has to read hundreds of books and its not possible for him to remember every little detail about them such as author’s name publish place, firm, main theme of the book and important notes that need to be written separately. A reading log helps to contain all the above mentioned information. Here you can put the name of the book, the date when you started it and finished it, its author’s name, your point of view about the story or main theme of the book, comments about a specific incident on a particular page or chapter and number of other stuff. There are many websites that offer to create a book log online but if you don’t want to do that, you can create one at home. You can either use a paper or create new spreadsheet on computer which will serve just like a reading log.

General uses of a book reading log in our regular lives:

  • First of all, it helps you to recall the contents of a book which you read years before.
  • This way you don’t have to remember name of every book you have read and you can tell anyone by looking at this log.
  • There is no need to put extra writing on the book as you can put the comments on a log along with the page or chapter number.
  • You can put your personal reviews about an incident in this log which you can later discuss in the book reading club or school class.
  • Teachers can easily access or analyze the reading power of a student by looking at his reading log.

Here is download link for above shown Book Reading Log Template,

Download Book Reading Log Template