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A Fax is commonly used in our day-to-day activities for different reasons and is widely used in the business world for lots of business related tasks. As the name shows, a fax cover sheet is the cover page of a fax document that is based on a number of different information regarding the fax, the sender and receiver. In our daily life we need to write different types of reports like school and collage reports or business reports and the best and quick way of sending such reports is fax. The cover sheet is the first thing that a business associate or a teacher will see and therefore it must be clear, attractive and decent. It is the key part of a fax document as it is ensuring the fax delivery to the right person with an overview of the details of the fax document. For formal fax document, a fax cover sheet is very important because without it your fax report will easily make its place in the dustbin.

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How to create Fax cover sheets

Creating a fax cover sheet is not a big deal because you just have to write a couple of details on it and once you create and design a cover sheet you can re-use it for future uses by simple editing some parts of it. A standard fax cover sheet is based on the following information.

  • Fax cover sheet contain the address of the sender and recipient ensuring right delivery. Usually, a receiver have to receive lots of fax reports from different senders with a varying nature of importance and having address on the cover sheet means the receiver can set them on the bases of their importance.
  • Date and time are two other very important contents of a fax cover sheet with two big benefits. Date and time will help the recipient to organize the bulk of fax documents in categories like new and old and will help them in finding a particular document on demand. On the other hand date and time also help the receiver in the verification of the deadlines of the documents.
  • Contact information are also there to help the recipient to ask for any kind of information or to re-fax the document.
  • Subject line is the most important part of a fax cover sheet that help the reader or recipient in understanding the type and purpose of the fax document. For example a finance teacher in your school may be an accountant in somewhere else and so he/she can easily separate students fax reports and colleagues fax reports by simply reading the subject line.
  • Comments boxes or places are also there that allow the recipient to write positive and negative comments about your report.
  • You can also add check boxes on your fax cover sheet with different status like urgent, for review, need your help etc. Check boxes will help the recipient to understand the urgency and to respond to the sender on write time.
  • Choose a standard size for creating a fax cover sheet to make it attractive and readable. A common fax cover sheet size is 8.5 X 11 inch.

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