Tenancy Agreement Templates

Tenancy agreement or contract is written between you and owner of land that you want to take on rent. Preparing this document is very important aspect of recording real estate transactions by landlords, real estate professionals and tenants. Tenancy Agreement may be written or oral depends on you and your requirements. Tenancy agreement is prepared to safeguard rights of both of tenants and landlord for accommodation place. We are sharing several Tenancy Agreement Templates here to assist you in preparing your own Tenancy Agreement quickly. As tenant, your right is to occupy accommodation for which you are paying to landlord and landlord or owner of accommodation has right to receive payment in the proper way. Such all things you use to write in contract are called terms and conditions of tenancy agreement.

Writing tenancy agreement is very important in the way it serves you as legal proof of real estate and property related transactions with tenants. Written tenancy agreement is easier to enforce rather than oral agreement and you must go for writing a professional like tenancy agreement to stay convenient while accommodating the property. What you have to write in tenancy agreement is literally important and you must be aware of this information.

Free Tenancy Agreement Templates

Here are previews and download links for these free Tenancy Agreement Templates in MS Word Format.

Tenancy Agreement Template 01

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Tenancy Agreement Template with Security Deposit Slip

Checkout this very detailed Tenancy Agreement Template with Security Deposit Slip to help you print Deposit Receipts quickly.

Tenancy Agreement Template 02

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Yet another professionally drafted Tenancy Agreement Template to assist you in drafting your own Agreement.

Tenancy Agreement Template 03

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Tenancy Agreement Template 04

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Tenancy Agreement Template 05

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Tenancy Agreement Template 06

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Tenancy Agreement Guidelines

Given below are some of expert tips to guide you to accomplish a well-written tenancy agreement.

  • Your name, address, complete contact information is necessary party of tenancy agreement and similarly this information is required from owner’s side to accomplish very important section of this contract.
  • Important information about property or accommodation is also essential to put in tenancy agreement. This information includes location of accommodation, radius of accommodation and other important information about its different sections.
  • Tenancy agreement must be accomplished writing about duration of contract. This is very important information both for tenant and landlord.
  • For what purpose you are going to accommodate property is must to write in tenancy contract. For example, you may have to use the property for housing purpose, office, factory and storeroom and whatever.
  • Date of tenancy agreement or contact must be included in tenancy agreement.
  • Decided amount of rent for accommodation is necessary to write in tenancy contract. You must mention other deductions in this contact that you may have to make on certain conditions and circumstances.
  • You must include all other clear and implied terms and conditions of tenancy agreement to make it right as legal proof.
  • If landlord is agree to provide you any of other services like maintenance, laundry, cleaning etc, it must be clearly mentioned in tenancy agreement on how much charges.
  • It must also mention in tenancy agreement that other people are allowed to use this property or not. This should be accomplished after taking permission of landlord.
  • Tenancy agreement is signed by both parties i.e. tenants and landlord.

All these are necessary terms and conditions of tenancy agreement that you must include to make this agreement seems professional, convenient and purpose served. Without any of these terms and conditions, tenancy agreement will be considered incomplete and unenforceable. This can also be said proper format of writing tenancy agreement.

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